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Experimental Medication On Children With Autism And Fragile X Syndrome

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Imagine being a parent who just had a baby. One’s baby doesn’t speak when it should, it stops walking, then finally it stops making eye contact. There is no communication at all. Surely, most parents would be concerned and take one’s child to a pediatrician to discover what is wrong. That’s when one is told the child has Autism or Fragile-X Syndrome. Knowing the difference between Autism and Fragile-X could potentially have a major impact on the choice one make when it comes to a child. As a result of using experimental drugs on children with Autism and Fragile-X Syndrome, children have been negatively affected, entire families have been negatively affected, and new disability characteristics have been discovered. So, what would a parent do?
The consequences children withstood from the use of experimental medications was more negative than it was positive. First things first, there is something that needs to be understood. Autism is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development characterized in varying degrees by social interaction, verbal / nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors (routines). Whereas, Fragile-X Syndrome is an inherited intellectual disability caused by a change or mutation on the FMRI gene on the X chromosome. A concern amongst many health specialists was what seemed very simple to them; if the conditions the children had are different, then it would make a difference on what medication they should take would it not? The first medication, Arbaclofen, was formulated by Seaside Therapeutics. Seaside Therapeutics is a branch of the Company Johnson and Johnson “A Family Company”. This medication works by increasing the production of the amino acid GAbaB, which inhibits the neurotransmitters from being released into the synapses, and was not approved by the FDA. The second medication, Risperdal on the other hand had been approved by the FDA, it was previously used as an antipsychotic medication that was also manufactured by Johnson and Johnson “A Family Company”. To be specific, Risperdal was designed as an anti-dementia medication for the elderly, but in 2006 it was approved for use on children. A commonly asked question is this: Should it have been used and even approved for children?
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the main professional organization of psychiatrists and trainee psychiatrists in the United States, and the largest psychiatric organization in the world. “The American Psychiatric Association wants to refine the medical definition of Autism, and for quite a few this is a problem” (“The Dangers of Medicine”). The APA wants to refine the medical definition of Autism by eliminating characteristics that are closely linked to ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ) and ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) because they believe the line between the three (Autism, ADD, and ADHD) has been blurred. Many families who chose to medicate their children are concerned because...

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