Experimentation: Necessary Or Unnecessary? Essay

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The recent debate on whether or not animal experimentation should be allowed has sparked uproar. When scientists think they have what they claim to be a “wonder drug,” they need a way to test the safety of the drug before it is safe for human use. At this point scientists turn to animals, because of their close resemblance to humans. With drug companies reducing experimentations and using alternatives, some people may wonder why animals undergo experimentation in the first place. While there are advantages to animal experimentation, it does not ensure success in human clinical trials, there is no law protecting any animal from cruel experimentation, and some animals should not have to live in cruel facilities.
According to several studies, animals have played a crucial role in medical advancement over the last century. The article “Alas, Animal Experiments are Still Needed,” explains that animals have been used for testing the safety of drugs and vaccines from common pain-killers to anti-cancer treatment. The article points out, “They may not be perfect and human trials are also vital, but without animals medical advances would seriously be hampered” (qtd. in “Alas” P2). The article suggests that animals are crucial to medical research because they test the safety of a drug. While it may be true that animals play a vital role in experiments, in reality, some animals do not get a second chance to live and have fun because if they are harmed, recovery takes time and is not guaranteed. The website People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) explains that nine out of ten (92%) drugs and vaccines that are tested on animals work for them, yet fail in human clinical trials. The author mentions, “They argue the potential benefits to human health justify the harm caused to animals, and that existing laws and guidelines adequately regulate the practice” (qtd. in Kretzer). Even if they regulate the practice it does no prove that the animals are not suffering.
Taking animals to the vet is the same thing as taking them to a professional scientist to work directly to minimize stress and conduct research on the problem. Most research animals do not experience anything any more invasive than what most people face during an annual physical examination. According to the article from Americans for Medical Progress it states, “When potentially uncomfortable procedures arise, anesthetics and analgesics are used to relieve discomfort” (qtd. in AMP). The reason the most people say experimentation is okay is because they don’t know the extent of it. Some scientists argue that anesthesia is administered to the animals; however, there are cases that do not need anesthesia but are still painful. If this is true, the Institutional Animal Care and use Committee should ensure anesthesia is administered to the animals; however, it still doesn’t depict from the 95% of...

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