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Experimenting Throughout The Ages Essay

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With new discoveries come new technologies and procedures that have the ability to extend or improve human life. The belief of humanity being affected by science is called Transhumanism. They also believe that any discovery can have an affect on humans as a whole. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll also does some human experimentation. He even goes as far as to make a potion to create a whole new entity to house his evil, devious side in to et out all of his desires, but still remain a proper Victorian gentleman. Not all human experimentation is beneficial, though. The advancement of new technologies such as life-extension strategies, the experimenting of human genetics, and the refusal to believe that not all change is progress pose consistent threats to humanity.
Both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the Transhumanist organization believe in the idea of life-extension activities. Dr. Jekyll used it to be able to still do the activities he did when he was young by making Hyde young. He was an old man, and he could not do a lot of the things Hyde was doing, not only because they were socially unacceptable, but also because they were too exerting and strenuous on his old body. He was younger and had less strain on his joints, so he was able to do more. And this way, he could be the old Victorian man he was and be polite, but also be a younger rebel that did crimes when he was stressed, or just felt like it. This all led to Jekyll being able to create the perfect creation to do his dirty work and get his desires out, while still keeping his reputation, and himself, alive. If he got caught doing these crimes, the public would surely have him tried and most likely killed for what Hyde did. So Jekyll created Hyde to keep himself alive.
Transhumanism also believes in the idea of using life-extension policies. They wish to believe that every moment is precious in life, and want to experience the full value of every happy moment in life. Their overall goal with using life-extension activities is to have “…more healthy, happy, productive years. Ideally, everybody should have the right to choose when and how to die – or not to die” (Transhumanism FAQ). Transhumanists want more days being spent outside, being social, and less time being in a care home and being under constant watch. This is also to be able to do and experiment more, and to keep their scientists alive longer, and to enable people to choose when they want to die, if progress continues the way it is.
But not all change is progress. Sometimes change can be a bad thing, like it can lead to dysfunction and chaos, all the way up to another being taking over your body in Dr. Jekyll’s case. He realized that being Hyde was not a great idea. He knew he wanted to get his anger out in a healthy way, but this was the first time an experiment of this nature had been done, so he did not know the consequences, or if there would even be any. “A change had come over me.” Stevenson writes, “It was no longer the...

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