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Experiments On Obedience And Getting Opinions After Pressure.

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Obedience to orders and change of opinions under pressureThe society, which we live in, is filled with different people from different cultures and different backgrounds. Every person has his own personality, his own likes and dislikes, and his own ability to make a judgment about something. These are the characteristics that make a person individual and unique. However, as individualistic and unique as people are, in certain situations they are willing to give up their individuality and follow orders.According to studies of some psychologist most people are likely to accept authorities orders and change their judgment simply because it differs with others. In some cases people are willing to go against their own senses in order to adapt to the majority. Although they feel that their opinion is the right one and because of some reason all others must be wrong, the experiments show how most people are ready to give in rather to be independent and stick to their own opinion (Asch 339)..A change of opinion occurs also when there is an authority figure. In their ordinary lives most people are able to tell right from wrong and they know what is immoral and what is morally correct but under authority's pressure this changes. Instead of insisting on their own judgment and confronting the authority, most of the time people simply choose to obey. Sometimes this obedience leads to violation of other people's rights (Milagram 347). The experiments conducted to investigate obedience to authority consisted of a learner, a teacher who was made the subject of the experiment, an electric chair and a devise to regulate thecurrent to the electric chair. The learner was placed in the electric chair while the teacher was told that what would happen that during the experiment would help in the study of memory and learning. The teacher would recite several pairs of words and then ask the learner the second word of each of the pairs at the end of the recitation. On a wrong answer from the learner, the teacher was asked to administer an electric shock to the learner through the regulator. In reality, the learner did not receive any shocks but the experiment was being used to investigate how far the teacher would continue giving shocks to the learner in spite of the resistances and pleads of the learner. Predictions about the results of the experiment made by psychiatrists, college students as well as lay people were that the majority of the teachers made the subjects of the experiment would refuse to obey the instructions of the experimenter. Psychiatrists gave specific details such as not more than 4 per cent of the subjects would give 300 volts of the current to the learner and that the point where most subjects would stop continuing the experiment would be 150 volts. However, the actual results of the same experiment differed greatly from the predicted results. Almost 62 per cent of the subjects obeyed the instructor till the highest level of shock and the point...

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