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Experiments On Animals Should Not Be Banned

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Experiments on Animals Should Not be Banned
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Technology and animal testing have provided the human population with many advancements in the past century. Every opportunity to embrace these advancements should be used for the betterment of the human population. It is often an argument based on personal opinion, but once the facts are analyzed, the affirmatives of animal testing outweigh the rationale for banning animal testing.
The study of diabetes, as well as other diseases, have benefited significantly from animal testing. The discovery of cattle insulin in 1921 contributed the most to the advancements in the study of diabetes. The two scientists responsible for this discovery ?are Frederick Banting and Charles Best from Toronto, Canada? (?The Development of Insulin Treatment for Diabetes?). These scientists were part of a larger study group, but Banting and Best saw a potential that developed into discovery. They found that insulin, the hormone that breaks down sugars in the blood, could be extracted from the pancreas of slaughtered cattle. Cattle insulin is extremely similar to human insulin and therefore could be injected into patients diagnosed with diabetes.
Banting and Best used insulin from cattle and injected it into a 13-year-old girl. The girl, Lilly, was the first patient given cattle insulin and survived to live a healthy life. When she was first diagnosed with diabetes, she was 13 years old and weighed 45 pounds. She was so skinny that her ribs in her chest and bones in her legs showed. Months after given the treatment, her pictures indicated that she had gained weight and her complexion was more colorful. Years later, the portrait showed her as a healthy young woman living a normal life, all because of the cattle insulin. Lilly, and many patients nowadays have benefited from the miraculous discoveries and uses of insulin and the important role it plays in the human body.
In the 1950's, three types of diabetes were discovered: Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Type I is also known as ?juvenile diabetes? and Type II diabetes is known as ?adult onset diabetes.? Type I is typically diagnosed in patients younger than forty years of age when the pancreas stops producing insulin properly. For unknown reasons, the pancreas can no longer function properly and the production of insulin ceases. Type II diabetes often occurs when a patient is overweight, is older, or if the patient has been in a serious accident. It is a gradual development of the disease and can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle. The third type of diabetes is gestational diabetes. This type occurs when a woman becomes pregnant and contracts diabetes only for the term of her pregnancy.
Through research various forms of treatments are now available. Type I diabetics have the most severe type of diabetes and today can be treated through insulin injections, insulin...

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