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Professional Essay

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As people go through life, they most likely come upon a person who affects their life for the better, and sends them in the right direction. For some, however, they may never have a person who gives them this push, or perhaps someone had the opportunity to be that person who does the pushing, but does not. Many people have been propelled to success because of the care of another person. Some of these positive influences may include a parent, minister, or a friend. Though all three of these persons embody the needs of everybody from time to time, it is the teacher who connects these together and gives a person more that just an education. In every human’s life, they will come in direct contact with a teacher, whether it is in preschool or a jobsite. A teacher is what I have set out to be, to educate, to challenge, to push, to guide, and to nurture.

The purpose of education is to prepare young people to leave the care of their parents, and build their own lives. The days of getting by with a high school diploma or just an elementary education are over. High school is only a stepping-stone to things much higher and harder, and there are many paths that students can choose from. I want my students not only to gain knowledge, but also to search with in themselves and find what they want to do, to give the students the push in the right direction to achieve their goals. Parents put their trust in teachers to prepare their children go on to bigger things; this is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I believe it is a profound injustice to a student to give them a half-hearted education and leave them behind others when they go out to compete in college or the workforce. I know the feeling of being ahead and being behind and I definitely want my students to have all they need and more to make society better.

I think that teaching a student to have a good character is more important that reading, writing, and arithmetic. I think the greatest profession that a person will endeavor upon is that of a parent. Most of the students that go through my classroom will become parents one day, and I want them to have the character that is needed to raise a child in the right ways. I believe that character development is the greatest reward of an education. I want students to look to me as a model of a good person. I think that is the greatest reward that a teacher can achieve. The feeling of someone going out learning how to be a good person and doing it based upon my actions is priceless, and will benefit more many more than I may ever know about.

My classroom methods would mostly resemble a traditional classroom in that there is a certain base of knowledge that students should learn before they can move on. I agree with the essentialist theory because I think that there is much to be learned from the classical material. It has stood the test of time and much of today’s society is based around it. I do not...

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