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Expert Witness Describe What An Expert Witness Is. What Do They Add To The Court Room? Why Are They Important? This Is A Very Good Essay For Psychology And Law Classes. It Is Detailed And Well Written.

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Mental health experts have been working side by side with the justice system for years. These professionals are also known as expert witnesses in the courtroom. Through training and experience, an expert witness is known to have intelligence beyond that of an average person and is relied on to present facts to the judge and jury. The difference between a regular witness and an expert is that the more educated witness is able to give an opinion on the case they are asked to study, which is known as expert advice. A forensic witness who is an expert in court has a number of roles to cover. They must review all the evidence given on the case, analyze the information and come to an unbiased conclusion, provide an opinion regarding the subject manner, and clarify the complex subject to the jury so they can easily comprehend it. Lawyers are not always certain if medical professionals are needed in the courtroom; however, there are definitely a few cases where it is necessary to have one. In situations that involve human behavior, often psychologists can find patterns in the behavior or use clinical mental health evaluations to see if the person is not guilty due to reason of insanity (NGRI). Custody cases are a second area where forensic psychologists may be very much needed. Even though the final result may not reflect the opinion of the professional, it is still important to get a second view of the situation. The role of an expert witness has become needed over the past few decades more than ever, but there are still ways that their techniques could be improved in relation to the justice system.

Behavioral evidence has become significant in the courtroom, where forensic psychologists must assess individuals to understand if there is a deeper meaning to why they act the way they do. A psychologist's role is to diagnose and treat a patient's behavioral problems. By looking at how people behave from a scientific perspective, it helps them understand and even predict how a person will act in the future. A forensic psychologist is most needed in court. These professionals incorporate their knowledge and the experience of the individual to gather data and analyze it. They express their professional opinion to the judge and jury, which is why their job is valued. A person's behavior cannot always be predictable, but there are usually patterns that help psychologists examine how a person "could" act if not treated properly. In relation to the justice system, a forensic psychologist is especially useful because they are able to get a better picture of whether or not a criminal could possibly commit another crime. Their role is also to evaluate the competency of an individual. This may be during the crime or during the trial. An individual may not be guilty due to reasons of insanity, and it is up to the psychologists to determine this. Forensic psychologists are extremely valuable in performing competency,...

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