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Explain Difficulties That Aging Process Brings To Old People Life

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Explain difficulties that aging process brings to old people life.
Many old people suffer difficult related for aging process such as physical, emotional, social and financial changes, this is because when the person is over fifty the body go through natural process of aging. However, it is widely believed that many old people in the UK have been abuse by other people because of their age. On the other hand, old people live other countries treat old people as chief and masters of the family. This article will argue that people in the UK should change the way they see and treat old people in the society.
When people reach certain age they go through different aging processes which are physical and psychological changes. These changes appear on skin, bones, joints, muscles, organs, senses, emotional, intellectual, and socialising and etc.
Some people develop aging process in the early fifties whereas others get aging process when they are over sixth. As a result of this, there is not fixed term or time when people will have the ageing process and there is a not particular problem or conditions we can say if the person reach this they will have these conditions. Therefore, it is everybody’s lack and ageing experiences that you will go
However, there are some physical issues relate to aging process began when the person reach over fifty. For example, skin may become thinner and more wrinkles. Bones may become less dense and likely to be fracture. Joints may become stiffer and painful. Cartilage on the bones may also become thinner and ligament may become loose. Person may lose high and spine bones may change round shape and muscular may become weak.
In addition to this, they may lose sense of balances and may need to walk with stick when they are out. They may also lose sense of taste and smell because some hormones from the brain that controls different senses may decrease. They may become visions impair and suffer hearing lose.
Moreover, the heart become weak and could not be bushed the blood all around the body fast. The lungs could not collect more air and when the lung collects air it may not fertilise the air affectively. The bladder could not hold urine and kidneys fail to remove water in the body. The teeth also come off and the person cannot eat meat and hard food.
On the other hand, when the person becomes old they lost their memory. For example, they may not remember things they ate yesterday or things they said fewer hours ago. The main reason they forget is that the brain reduce its ability to control all the body.
In addition to this, the brain stop producing hormones work with remembers part of the brain. The brain also could not repair and replace the damage cells and tissues in the brain because the cells have limited time to replace or repair the cells, tissues and organise however, when the person reaches the older age the cells cannot produce other cells so that if the brain damage one side the cells cannot repair that part.

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