Explain E Commerce Models Might Change Or Evolve

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1. Executive summaryThe Internet has become increasingly popular. The number of Internet users is increasing every year. Developing business opportunities in the Internet has risen significantly. "The impact of the Internet on business is similar to previous innovations that transformed not only one business sector but every business sector. "(Jaworski and Rayport, 2001) This report will discuss the websites will be unusable by business and individual and how e-commerce models may change or evolve.2. The Websites influence by business and individualAs we know, website is unlimited provide in Internet. Although the Web becomes larger, it will not unusable by business and individual. There are numerous websites provide in Internet, as we merely the competitors were growing up. It wasn't meaning the websites are not useful. Users will be able to choose the websites that satisfaction their needs. It is similar with traditional market.However, The main worry with the Web and its growth is the unease of wrong information as facts. The Web is lot of different kinds of business and "personal" Web pages, which could give the wrong impression about the users into trusting wrong information. The consider way to solve this problem is to trust "brand name" business and service. This way to inform that if you can trust a Website or business is to have preceding interaction with these corporations. As the web get larger and the number of corporations growing, brand name that is known will become more effective and important. Many users of the Web trust the companies that were on the Web from the beginning, which are only based on the Web. It is because these corporations have been there since they ever primary log on.The Web is providing "free" sort of attitude that builds up the users desire all free information. This attitude will stay for a long run because that is the reason of constructs the Web growing so huge. Moreover, it also discusses that with progressively the business creates their Web pages, huge of Webs are floods by business using. The purpose of the Web is make a place for people to share images and find the information by using their computer. Therefore, building a successful websites is necessary in the human life.3. Build successful E-commerceAs we know "trust" will be considerate issue in create in e-commerce. Therefore, building successful e-business websites is very important. Below are basic steps to create e-business sites:1. Design an architecture that ensures availability.2. Choose highly available and manageable system platforms.3. Choose solutions that confidence performance regardless of system load4. Make sure that data is protected from hardware component failures and operating system.5. The application must be protected and provisions made for application.6. Plan for change. Choose solution that is flexible enough to work in dynamic...

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