"Explain How And Why The Women's Movement Brought About Changes For Women In Australia In The Period From 1945 To The 1980's."

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The Women's Movement brought about many changes for women in the period from 1945 to the 1980s. Women used many methods like writing books, distributing pamphlets, protesting and striking, which will be discussed in this essay, to make a point to the government. Women in Australia wanted changes made to certain things such as equal pay for equal work, they wanted to change society's view of the typical women, and they generally wanted their rights changed and improved. This essay will discuss why women felt the need to do these radical things and why they wanted change. This essay will also deal with the methods they used and the outcomes of this movement, suffragists, such as author Germaine Greer, the slow road to achieving success and how the attitude and role of women in society changed as a result of the feminist movement.Australian women have long played a crucial role in the development of our nation. The women pioneers of our nation lived through incredibly tough times, and worked alongside their husbands, to build a new life for themselves, and their families, out of virtually nothing.The Women's Liberation Movement was the second wave of feminist activism. The first was in the late nineteenth century when women campaigned for the right to vote. Second wave feminists campaigned for equal pay and equal opportunities, child welfare, divorce laws and anti-discrimination legislation. Women also demanded freedom of choice in education, employment, marriage, contraception and the right to abortion. Their concerns included; women were not receiving equal pay as for the same work as men and women were not able to make decisions concerning their personal lives. Anti-discrimination laws were passed to protect the rights of women in the 1970's, and women also achieved equal legal status in the workforce.The Women's Liberation Movement had one main goal, and that was to gain equality for women, in both the home, and the workplace. Women attempted to reach their goal through a variety of methods. One method was consciousness-raising, (raising people awareness of an issue or problem) through re-education of women concerning their rights, or lack thereof. The most important and effective tactic of the movement was political lobbying. The Women's Electoral Lobby, set up in 1972, placed pressure on unions and politicians. Pressure on politicians, unions and the government led to the establishment of things the benefited women such as; rape crisis centers, childcare facilities, women's refuges, family planning clinics, and health centers for both women and their children. Pressure was also placed on the ACTU to grant women equal pay for equal work. Attempts to gain equal pay before 1972, led to a decision that women would only receive equal pay if they could prove they were doing the same amount of work as men. These methods were successful and many gains were made in changing employment for women, giving women a say in their personal lives and allowing...

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