Explain How Each Text Has Enhanced Your Understanding Of Belonging James Ruse High School, Year 11 Essay

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Short Film: ‘Belonging’ by Pierre Leong
The short film, ‘Belonging’ by Pierre Leong presents George, a Syrian who was forced to flee his country and rediscover his belonging to a community in Paris has further reinforced my knowledge of belonging. Through this film, I have discovered that belonging is an important aspect to life. When moving countries or places, it is an important skill to make connections with others. George was able to make connections. He was able to achieve this through the help of being part of a boy scout in Syria when he was younger. This enabled him to connect easily to people in Paris when he joined school.

Furthermore, the result of being an outcast, to a particular place such as moving to Paris after George was forced to flee his country when conflict began in Aleppo, Syria. Being an outcast can impact the individual drastically, the sense of not belonging can lead to problems such as depression & anxiety. Identified in the short film, after George moves to Paris, he felt scared and completely lost not having the choice to migrate, instead forced to leave his country. He felt like he was in exile not being able to understand what’s going on around him after his dad had died violently after war. Watching this film, the concept of belonging and not belonging are more distinct.

Song: ‘You Belong to the City’ by Glenn Frey
The song, ‘You Belong to the City’ is a mid-1980s song written by Glenn Frey (of the Eagles). It song demonstrates those who live in urban areas such as New York. It discovers how a crowded city can be a very lonely place. The song allowed me to understand that not all places will bring you happiness and connections. Urban dwellers tend not to experience the strong sense of community that rural dwellers do. This lack of community cohesion and participation can lead to loneliness and other mental health issues, such as depression and stress related illness. The artist raises the issue that urban city lifestyle tends to be more focused on the individual and upward mobility rather than on building community and community participation.

Additionally, the song discussing, a more depth interpretation of alienation in the city shows the strong impact that a sense of belonging can have towards an individual. The song specifically mentions, “You can feel it starting all over again; Your getting tired of staring at the same four...

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