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Explain How External And/Or Internal Influences May Impact On Businesses In Australia St. Clares/Yr11 Report

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Marketing (changing nature of markets)
Competitive situation
Pigs Like Really Major Massive Cocks
Question: Explain how external and/or internal influences may impact on businesses in Australia
Executive summary
In this report, the report will explain the internal and external influences that impact on the business in Australian in reference to: -
List of Businesses
· Tesla Motors
· DigitalX
· Balenciaga
External Influence is Outside influences that can impact a business. Various external factors can impact the ability of a business that the business can’t control, such as: -
· Markets (Changing nature of markets)
· Economic
· Geographical
· Social
· Political
· Legal
· Institutional
· Technology
· Financial
· Competitive situation
Internal Influence is what happens inside the business and the business has a degree of control, such as: -
· Product
· Resources
· Location
· Market
· Culture (Business culture)
Whilst it’s also important to consider all internal and external influences, this report will be only focusing on economic, marketing, resources and they are impacting businesses in Australia.
In Tesla, it has seen to be resources and finance are the main influences influencing the business.
In reference to DigitalX it is seen that economic, financial, resources and marketing are the main influences influencing the business.
Balenciaga shows that resources, financial, marketing are the main influences influencing the business.
Tesla Motors
Internal Influences and External
· Resources
· Marketing
· Resources
· Finance
Resources and revenue are represented in this report by the following, As a result of glitches in its manufacturing operations, Tesla lost more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in the fourth quarter, intern, Losing money is an internal influence that impacts on the financial...

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