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Explain How Far Nelsons Fits Into The Overall Development Of Northern Textile Towns?

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If we look at Nelsons Industry and work, its evidence is similar to other Northern parts of Britain because it teaches us that Nelson changed from being very rural to an industrialised area. Farm lands were replaced by factories. This is typical to what happened in other textile towns. This is reinforced by source N. The two maps show us the difference that occurred in 57 years. It shows the 1844 version and 1901 version of Nelson. In 1844 we can see that most of the area was of rural life and poorly populated however 57 years later it shows us a much more industrialised version with very crowded areas. A number of Textile Factories were built, which lead people migrating from other towns to find work.
Mills were intentionally built close to running waters to cool down machinery, but also to get rid of the mass amounts of waste products produced. So not only were factory owners making a lot of money, but they were also polluting the river which is home to many animals, including fish, otters and beavers. This results in a lot of natural wildlife being destroyed just for the wellbeing of what was being produced. Along with factories pumping toxic smoke into the air, together they play a major role in why Britain was so polluted.
Source K denotes that people were “encouraged to come from all districts all over the country”. This was a result of more and more mills and factories being built and they were enticing “two hundred and even 1,000 workmen”. Houses were being built “by the side of his mill for the work force” This indicates that terraced houses were built quite close to the factories in which many people worked in to earn a living. It was done to ensure 100% punctuality rate, because most factory owners were very stern regarding attendance.
Source C illustrates a very positive correlation between the population and the number of looms. As the number of looms increased, the population increased. From this, I can extrapolate that the looms were attracting more and more people to come to Nelson in search to find work. As people did find work they settled in the area to feed their families and the word spread.
Source L signifies that there was no age limit for people to start working. Usually a “family works together…father, mother, sons and daughters”. Many children started work at the age of 5. Some children were even set out to carry out very inappropriate jobs, such as picking up pieces of left over cotton from under working machines. It shows that employees are happy working together and no harm has been caused towards them. This is very dangerous and would result in causing major injury. However this source has been written by “William Ecroyd” the founder of the Ecroyd factory. We cannot trust this source to a great extent because Ecroyd may just want to give his mill a good name and may be mendacious about what he is writing.
After World War II Britain could no longer afford the expense of administering one quarter of the...

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