Explain How The Levi Ad. Of Your Choice Sells It's Product

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The Levi advertisement of my choice is the one with the caption 'separates the men from the boys'. I chose this advert in particular because it has a typical storyline that is easy to follow through and it really sells the product using the music, characters and props mainly catching the audience's eye. Levi jeans are mainly targeted at the younger audience, although jeans in nowadays are very popular and a variety of age groups now wear them. Levi in particular is associated with the younger audience because they are more interested in what's in fashion and designer labels than the older generation, also as the advert contains younger characters this usually creates an attraction between the audience and them. The storyline in this advert, as well as most of the Levi adverts, is that the 'guy' gets the girl. The "knight and shining armour" rescues the "damsel in distress" and whisks her off into the sunset. The effect of this is that the audience relates to the characters because the storyline is familiar to them. This sells the product to men because they want to be the man who all the girls fall for; they want that sex appeal. Therefore, they buy the jeans. This sells the product to women because they realise how good the Levi jeans look on the men, and so they hope for the same effect on them if they purchase some Levi jeans. The characters used in this advert are based on opposites. It's usually the young, good-looking and attractive characters that are chosen to wear the Levi jeans and the ugly, not very appealing characters chosen at the background. In this case, there is a comparison between the Levi man and the 'nerdy' boyfriend. The better looking the main character is, the more appealing the jeans will be. It's the idea of perfection and idolising the jeans to make them irresistible to the audience. If an old, ugly, obese man was to be wearing the Levi jeans it wouldn't be selling so well, would it? The Levi man appears to be very confident, daring, good-looking and is admired. The effect of all this is, this is what the audience want and giving them what they want makes the jeans sell. The characters are often seen with props. In other adverts, such as the 'stoned washed' one, they are seen with mirrors, photos, comb, sunglasses and/or a letter. The characters are usually seen removing the prop out from their back pocket. The purpose of this is that the camera will now focus onto the rear end of the jeans and have a snapshot of the Levi label. All of the adverts have the character wearing various belts with their Levi jeans. This gives many messages about the type of jeans Levi sells to the audience. The belt symbolises style and the fact that you can adjust the size of the jeans and any type of belt or clothes you choose to wear matches your jeans. The effect of this on the audience is that they know Levi jeans holds many qualities and is a fashion statement. The camera angles used in this advert...

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