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Explain How The Story Of Jesus' Baptism In Saint Mark's Gospel, Helps Christians To Understand Why Baptism Is Important In The Church Today. Use Infant And Believer's Baptism

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As a sacrament, Baptism is practised throughout all Catholic Churches today. Jesus' Baptism, remains the blueprint for all of today's Baptisms. The features and patterns of events used by John the Baptist and Jesus over 2000 years ago are still central to our modern Church's Service. Many features of Believer's and Infant's Baptism, that are used today are similar to how Jesus, would have experienced his own baptism. Throughout the course of this essay, I will look at the main features contained within Jesus' Baptism and explain how they allow others to understand why Baptism is so important in our Church today.HistoryA sense of history gives everything an importance, baptism has been part of Christianity since the earliest days of the church. It has its roots in the old Jewish Religion. A sense of tradition gives authority and consistency to the Christian method. Baptism for Christians began with John the Baptist. Mark's Gospel begins with telling the story of John the Baptist.'And so John came. He baptised people in the desert. He also preached that people should be baptised and turn away from their sins. Then God would forgive them.' (Mark 1:4-5)Salvation and forgivenessThis quote underlines the main feature and theme running throughout our Christian Baptisms in our world today. Turning away from sin and a new beginning is the central feature in any Christian Baptism today.'It is a public sign that they have turned away from their old selfish lives and are making a new start' (St. Mark's Gospel)- Gedde's and Griffth'sBaptism is so important, because it offers salvation and forgiveness.'Baptism is necessary for salvation. It causes remediation of original and actual sin.' (Hexham Diocese)WaterWater is a powerful symbol within today's Christian faith for the cleansing and forgiveness of sins. It is a highly significant feature within the ceremonies of Infant and Believer's Baptism. Jesus himself was immersed in the river Jordan'At that time Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee. John baptised him in the river Jordan.' (Mark 1: 9-10)Within the Catholic Church water is poured over the baby's head three times. This is carried out at a font within the Church. Before the water is poured over the baby's head it is blessed. After the following question from the priest, a profession of faith follows.'Is it your will, that your (name of child) be baptised in the faith of the Church.' (Roman Catholic Service)Another important part is when the God-Parents are asked to make a number of promises which give a commitment to bring the child up in the faith. What is very important for Catholics within this feature is the cleansing of original sin. It also ensures the ascension into heaven if the child were to die.Believer's BaptismWithin Believer's Baptism the use of water is also very symbolic. For members of the 'Baptist' and 'Penticosta' churches, the use of water is a key feature of the Baptism, Believer's Baptism sticks very closely to the story of Jeaus'...

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