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The Significance Of Dreams In Penny In The Dust By Ernest Buckler

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What are dreams? Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. They could be thoughts someone has during the day. Maybe they help a person achieve their goals in life. For example, maybe you dream to become an astronomer so that one day you can go to the International Space Station. Dreams have many significant meanings behind them. Ernest Buckler, a very talented author, uses text to develop a great idea about pursuing one's dream. Buckler uses the symbolism of a penny, the theme of a father-son relationship, and he uses motivation to uncover hidden fantasies to develop an idea about pursuing one's dreams'. In "Penny in the Dust" by Ernest Buckler, it is important to understand that sometimes in life meaningless and insignificant objects could be worth more than a treasure for a person. Treasure that could change a relationship between two people.

Symbolism is a great literary device and is seen in many great text, such as in "Penny in the Dust". In this great text by Ernest Buckler, symbolism plays a huge factor to help develop an idea about pursuing one's dreams'. As you can tell by the title of the story a penny is mentioned, therefore meaning it has some significance behind it. The "bright as gold" (p.135) penny in this short story symbolizes the relationship between a father and son. The relationship between Pete and his father. Pete, a seven year old boy, wants his father to recognize him. When Pete had the penny, that was given to him by his father, he would dream/fantasize that he and his father were different people. People who wore nice clothes, owned a mowing machine, and drove in nice cars. People who were richer. Pete would bury this penny in the dust, and dig it out again, pretending that it was treasure. Not only does it symbolize a father-son relationship, it also symbolizes the family's wealth. Dreaming about having new clothes, owning a mowing machine, and driving in new cars, shows that their family had neither things. They were farmers who had a very low income. Symbolism is used to develop a strong idea about pursuing one's dreams.

Along with the use of symbolism, Buckler also uses theme. The theme in "Penny in the Dust" is the relationship between father and son, which helps develop an idea about pursuing one's dreams'. As we know, the relationship between Pete and his father is not as strong as a relationship should be. The reason being is because his father never really gave time to Peter. In "Penny in the Dust" we see parts where his father doesn't...

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