Explain The Value Of Reports As A Tool In Business Communication And Identify Both The Main Steps In Report Preparation And What Their Structure Might Comprise.

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Reports are factual documents, prepared to fulfil the needs of decision makersin organisations. They are therefore used for a variety of purposes and can beshort (such as progress reports) or long (such as investigative reports or theannual report), formal or informal, routine, occasional or speciallycommissioned. Before any report can be prepared, decisions about the exactnature and purpose of the report, the recipient, distribution and likely reactionall need to be addressed because these factors will determine the structure,length and style (i.e. the degree of formality) of the report.There are four main steps in the preparation of a report:*Define the issue(s) - this helps to identify the information that will beneeded to deal with the main points by asking the right questions andclarifying the exact purpose of the report.*Identify the main issues - this will break up the problem into specifics thatcan be easier to analyse and also help to develop a logical structure to theinvestigation.*Produce a plan of action - the steps you need to take and the sources to beused in conducting the research.*Draw conclusions and make recommendations based on the facts andfindings, which will aid the decision-maker.Structure1. The title page (which may be preceded by an additional page with just thetitle of the report) shows the following:(a) The title of the report(b) The name, title and address of the person or organisation thatprepared the report(c) The submission date of the report(d) The name of the person or organisation to whom the report isSubmitted2. Letters of authorisation and acceptance ('for the record') which directed thereport to you or your organisation and any subsequent reply may beincluded.3. Letter of transmittal which introduces the report in a conversational tone tothe reader and indicates the purpose, scope and limitations, importantpoints or sections, sources used and helpful suggestions for follow-up orfurther study. The final paragraph should...

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