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Explain This Please Essay

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In life, we come to many crossroads or obstacles that stand in our way. We must find a solution to pass over these imperfections in our lives. We can’t let these problems define who we are; we need to believe and trust in the way that we were raised. In “Shooting an Elephant,” George Orwell has a problem that is caused by his position of authority conflicting with his personal beliefs about animals. In “No Witchcraft for Sale,” the Farquars do not understand Gideon’s uncooperativeness, and he feels betrayed by them. In the storylines of “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell and “No Witchcraft for Sale” by Doris Lessing, there are problems and they are positions, betrayal, and beliefs.
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A young boy gets venom spit into his face by a snake and the servant Gideon rushes into the bushes and comes back in record time. Then he does something spectacular while pressing a plant into the child’s eyes, “He knelt over the writhing child, pushing back the puffy lids till chinks of eyeball showed, and then he spat hard, again and again, into first one eye, and then the other.” Miraculously, the child regained his sight and the infection went away. The Farquars were so grateful that they told all their friends till eventually word got around that a scientist wanted the cure to this type of bite. However, Gideon would not mention the cure for this because it went against his beliefs. Gideon felt betrayed by the Farquars because they should know that it isn’t what he believes in. Gideon did that right thing by leading on the group because he didn’t want them to know the secret to the cure.
In both of these stories, “Shooting an Elephant” and “No Witchcraft for Sale” the main characters have problems doing what they believe in when they are pressured. For example, Gideon kept being pressured by the scientist and the...

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