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Explain What I Pv6 Is, And Why It Is Being Developed?

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The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a protocol for sending information across sometimes-unreliable networks with the assurance that it will arrive in uncorrupted form. TCP/IP allows efficient and reasonably error-free transmission between different systems and is the standard protocol of the Internet and intranets. It is usually used throughout the Internet. In other words, the Internet does not use much-vaunted Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) seven layers model. It instead uses a four-layer model, of which the two most important layers are the Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol.As we have seen, TCP/IP is the protocol used throughout the Internet. The first character in a packet header shows the version of IP with which that packet complies. There are 6 version of IP as shows below: -(1) IPv1 (used on ARPANet; superseded)(2) IPv2 (used on ARPANet; superseded)(3) IPv3 (used on ARPANet; superseded)(4) IPv4 (CURRENT VERSION)(5) IPv5 (experimental; has since been retired)(6) IPv6 (proposed replacement for IPv4)IPv6 is a sort of Internet protocol where it is intended to provide Internet layer security. It is also a proposed replacement for IPv4 and the firewalls of IPv4 will not become absolute as well as the payload length will not change. The are few problems IPv4 is intended to address such as follow: -(1) Real-time streams of data get broken(2) IP "spoofing"(3) No authentication(4) No encryption(5) The number of computers on the Internet is already greater than the number of unique addresses available for them on the Internet.IPv6 is being developed because it had helps to enhance streaming. Besides that, it also provides for crystal-clear voice-over-IP. Ipv6 will ensure that when the network clogs, routers won't chop up crucial bits of real-time streams into multiple packets. Instead of receiving the first half of the stream and losing the second half - something you've surely experienced when a RealAudio broadcast drops out midsentence - IPv6 gives you the whole stream at one-half quality. That sounds like a drawback, but if you're using voice-over-IP, it means you can depend on the network to not cut off your phone call during heavy traffic. Every networked device has a four-part numerical code, or IP address - the Internet equivalent of a snail-mail address. Whenever you upload a GIF to a Web page or download an email, the binary road map stored in the header carefully guides the bits through cyberspace to their destination.The 32-bit addresses in IPv4 allow for more than 4 billion addresses. This may seem like a lot, but when the Network Information Center doled out addresses in the early 1980s and '90s, organizations like AT&T and MIT received more than 16 million apiece. Now, as more and more devices hit the market online-ready, IP addresses are...

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