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Explain Why Cultural Diversity Is Important In A College Education.

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Explain why cultural diversity is important in a college education.I come from a small town. Hannibal, MO, the boyhood home of MarkTwain, is described its claim to fame as "a sleepy town drowsing." Most surely hehas never been more accurate, for this small enchanted river town has neverawakened total equality.It is a town full of ignorance, where nobody has ever thought twice ofsharing and spreading their sly comments and idiotic judgements to anyone andeveryone who will listen, and most people do. It is a town where fathers, mothers,brothers, sisters, and grandparents teach their kids to "ignore those no-goodniggers," stay away from those "half-breeds" and give hell to anyone "nigger-lover"who refuses to believe the truth. It sickens me.Last year, we had an issue to address at our school. It later became known asThe Cowboys vs. The Blacks, and never has our school been more involved. Thenewspapers screamed of the hate, violence, and threat of gangs that were corruptingour schools; the halls rang with the lastest gossip on the next big showdown. Thisproblem slapped a school full of apathetic kids into a lively bunch ready to getinvolved. Involved in what? A controversy that all had opinions on, but how couldyou not have an opinion? It was the talk at all of the dinner tables, bars, and storesin town. Kids went home scared of the racial tension. Parents whined and cried ofviolence in the school.The parents whined and cried, and at the same time forgot to remember thatit was they, not the kids, who had taught the very prejudices that were "disruptingthe education process." My opinion is simple and elementary: Children are notborn to hate others, they must be taught to judge colors. If we are taught prejudices,then obviously, the racial tensions at my school didn't disrupt education, ratherenforced lessons often reviewed over fried chicken and potatoes.I cried once in my sophomore history class. The girl in front of me sang andpreached that life was just that way, no one could ever change anything, so whyshould we even try? Prejudice is taught in the home, and the home is where welearn everything we really need to know. I listened, fumed, and stood up tointerrupt her. (I rarely frown, let alone yell, but I had had enough of her pessimism.All eyes and ears...

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