Explain Why The Americans Withdraw Its Forces From Vietnam In 1973?

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Explain why the Americans withdraw its forces from Vietnam in 1973?The USA, with Nixon as there president at the time, withdraw from the war in Vietnam in 1973 even with them having the highly developed weapons at their disposal. There were many reasons in the hidden weakness of the Americans and in the surprising strengths of their opponents. Guerrilla warfare and the failure to win the "Hearts and Minds" of the people in the US and in South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese people had help from the USSR and China in their war effort. The USA had to get involved in the French war against the communists in Indochina. They have the French US dollars to help in there war effort. Once the French lost the war they had to help the South Vietnam in the war and in the end go into war itself against the communists in the north. When helping the South Vietnam the USA at first only gave them money and advisers. But later once the number of advisers had grown largely the USA had to move the army in to help. Ngo Dinh Diem was the provincial governor at the age of twenty-five. The Americans found that he was not a puppet ruler and would do things his ways. After the Geneva conference Diem became the ruler of the south. Diem was killed and there were many other leaders of the south but none of them were any good.There were a number of problems facing US forces when fighting the war. One of the biggest problems that they faced was the fact that the Vietcong were fighting using guerrilla tactics: fighting on a small scale, taking independent, irregular actions, they would attack suddenly, then to disappear into the jungle or to melt away among the civilian population. The Vietcong depended on stealth, concealment, and surprise attacks and ambushes. Guerrilla warfare spread as Vietminh soldiers who were trained and armed in the North moved down into the South on Vietnam. Unlike conventional wars in which the Americans may have fought before, the war in Vietnam had no defined front lines.There was only one open war in the battles between the NVA and the USA and that was the Tet offensive. This was in September 1967, and the NLF had attacked the American garrisons. The NLF attacked the US embassy in Saigon, they only killed five US marines and got on the grounds this was all they could do they were not able to take control of the embassy. This on battle ended with the USA winning with style. Much of the fighting consisted of hit and run attacks, with the guerrillas striking at outposts and then retreating into the jungles. Pictures of the killing was all over the place and many people back in the US were changing their minds about the war. Why were so many people dieing was one of the questions asked. The hearts and minds of the people at home and out fighting were being changed. I believe that this was one of the most important reasons for the USA having to pull out of the war as they could not win when the NLF were fighting using Guerrilla warfare.Due to the " Rules...

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