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Explainations Of Research Methods In Two Psychology Articles

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Psychologists have been carrying out different areas of researches in the society, aiming to find the causation between the different factors and human behaviour. In this essay, I am going to explain two research methods used in the two articles and evaluate the ethical issues involved in the research articles.
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Firstly, I am going to explain the research method used by the psychologists in each article.
In the ‘The science of love: Harry Harlow and the Nature of affection’ article by Cherry (ND), laboratory experiments using rhesus monkeys were used by Harry Harlow and his fellow psychologists to study how child development can be affected by the level of motherly love a child receive during early ages. Harlow did not use human infants in his research as stated in the Human Rights document in 1948. According to the document, no one should be subjected to any inhumane treatments. (United Nation, 1948). This piece of research is quantitative, as Harlow was collecting statistics about the length of time the infant monkeys spent with the ‘cloth’ or ‘wired’ mother.
There are a number of advantages of using animal experiments. Animal experiments allow researchers to have maximum control over the variables that might affect the accuracy of the results (McLeod, 2012). According to Flanagan (2012), one of the advantages of laboratory experiments are that they can be replicated by other researchers easily. This increases the research’s external validity, which means other researchers are more likely to generate similar results if they replicate the procedures of the experiment under different environmental factors e.g. settings and times.
One of the disadvantages of using animals in experiment is although rhesus monkeys might have similar physiological and behavioural features to human; however, factors such as emotions and psychological factors can differ greatly from monkeys to human, therefore, the results using animals might not be applicable to human (Flanagan, 2012). Another disadvantage of using animals in psychological experiments is the animals might behave differently as they are confined in cages instead of in their usual living environment, therefore, results might not be accurate.
In the ‘Double bind theory’ article by Gosden (2001), clinical observations were used by Gregory Bateson and his fellow colleagues during their study on the relationship between family experiences and schizophrenia. The clinical observation between the young man and his mother was non-participant as Bateson and his colleagues were not present in the situation. Observation used in this research is qualitative as the findings were based on observing the cause and effects of how family communication influences the behaviour of schizophrenics. Bateson and his colleagues did not use human experiment as it would be unethical and cause harm and distress especially for schizophrenics as they are vulnerable.
According to University of Strathclyde (ND), one advantage...

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