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Within a world abundantly enriched with a vast collection of books and writers, it is not eccentric for different writers to touch upon the same or similar subjects that reflect their personal beliefs. Education, an advocated and major supplement for the success of our society’s youths, can be interpreted in immeasurable ways. An excerpt taken from “Education”, written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, acknowledges Nature to be the essential foundation of education in contrast with the ineffective structure of learning that schools have adopted to suit the needs of the externally motivated scholar and the unconcerned, time-effective teacher. Similarly, In “Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie proudly supports and addresses the engagement of education to ultimately save the lives of today’s youth, specifically children of Native American descent. Both writers drilled into the core of education, enforcing similar substances, but still remaining true to their own original ideas. “Superman and Me” and the excerpt from “Education” clearly defines education in association with nature and intrinsic motivation, but each author strays from the other’s essay in terms of audience, syntax, and voice.
Nature, Emerson argues, essentially develops an outstanding student through the complements of “Genius and Drill”. The role that nature plays in the fundamental development of education significantly enhances the learning ability of the scholar and gist of the material. How a child naturally reacts to the first notes of music or his or her first encounter with mathematics reflects not only natural ability, but his or her internal hunger for knowledge. Emerson stresses the importance of allowing a child to formulate his or her own ideas, whether it takes a week or a millennium, the only way to absorb and obtain true knowledge is through self-discovery. The author encourages the instructor to allow the children to explore different options towards drawing their own epiphanies and through this progression they will soon join the “society of the lovers of truth”. He believed each child has their own natural comfort level to gather knowledge and should be “allowed to make [their] own statement in action”. A better alternative to forcefully drilling the content into the children is integrating guidance and respect with their individual approach to justifying truth and foresight, which eventually enables them to establish their own conclusions and develop application. Emerson criticizes the drill of education in regards to uncommitted teachers’ lack of will to inspire and conduct of patience towards each individual scholar. America’s school system, in contemporary times and modern industrious pursuit, generally substitutes...

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