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Explaining Greeks To Geeks Essay

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In Egyptian lyrical poetry from the village of Deir el Medina, there are numerous distinct characteristics that allow the reader to understand the lifestyle of the Egyptian people. One of the main characteristics that are seen in Egyptian lyrical poetry are the conflicts of the speakers of the poem. The speakers of every poem have a conflict with themselves, with their family, or with Egyptian mythical figures. The poems written by the villagers help show that the people of Egypt had numerous conflicts with family and mythical figures due to love.
In the poem My Brother’s Voice Unsettles Me, the speaker has a conflict with her mother because her mother does not want her seeing another man of the village. This is clear when the speaker states that “[her brother] lives near [her] mother’s house but [she] cannot go to him.” The speaker cannot go to be with her brother because her mother has ordered her to stop seeing this man. The speaker agrees with her mother because her brother “may be crazy,” but she also states that she is crazy and that she longs to hold him. The speaker is at conflict with her mother because she loves a man, but her mother does not approve, and her mother also has good reason for not approving the relationship. The love that the speaker has for her brother is clearly causing a conflict between her mother and her. She wants to go to her brother, but she also understands that her mother is correct in not allowing the relationship. This leads to the speaker’s having a conflict with herself because she does not want to hurt her family but also wants her brother to be accepted. This can be inferred when she states that the Golden One chose them for each other. The love that the speaker has for her brother causes a conflict between the speaker and her mother and an internal conflict in the speaker because she wants to see her brother but also wants the approval of her parents.
Conflicts with Egyptian mythical figures are seen in the poem I Devised to Drink in Her Beauty, where a man is in conflict with Mehy and along with in conflict with himself. Mehy was a war hero in Ancient Egypt and was very famous. The speaker of the poem wanted to drink in or look at the beauty of the woman he loved but along the way he...

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