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Explaining Mark Essay

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When I read Mark during church we would read the long ending, at the time I didn’t know the difference between the endings. I was confused to why there were three different parts to it and they were broken up as if they were supposed to be a new verse. When I asked the leader of the class she couldn’t give me an explanation. With the research I have done I feel that I have come to a conclusion as to which ending is the most correct and why there are multiple endings.

When the Sabbath was over, Mary the mother of James, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried. A large stone closed off the entrance and when they arrived the stone had been moved. An angel appeared to ...view middle of the document...

This does not sit well with the women and they are shaken. If the women would have listened to the angel and told the disciples and Peter then there would have been no need to the alternate endings In Mathew 28:8 and Luke 24:9 the women do what the angel requests of them and tell the disciples (Brooks). From the reading I have done I feel that the reason that there are multiple ways Mark ends is because they were disobedient.

The second ending to Mark, known as the short ending, does not follow the same style as the rest of Mark. Though it does not contain vocabulary that Mark would have used, and the style is off, it does line up well with 16:8 (Harrington). It is thought that the author of the short ending had a manuscript before him that ended at 16:8 and felt that it should not conclude with the women being afraid and not obeying the angel, but he was also not aware of the longer (Mann). Mann claims the short ending was written in approximately the 4th century which would have been before the long ending was written, explaining why the author of the short ending was unaware of the existence of the long ending.

The long ending goes into much greater detail than the original or the short ending. Just as the short ending did not contain Markan language neither does the long ending. Whereas the short ending blends nicely with verse 8, the long ending acts as if verses 1-8 don’t exist. It is thought by Harrington and Brooks that the long version is just a compilation of verses from the New Testament.

Mathew and Luke traditionally follow the book of Mark pretty well and with the long and short version after Mark 16:8 they do not follow. This makes me think that Mark does not have an alternate ending and the long and short versions were created to satisfy the...

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