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Explains How Hilter Came To Be In Power And How He Manipulated The World. Honors 12th Grade English Essay, Research Paper

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RUNNING HEADER: Our World, Hitler’s Theories
Our World, Hitler’s Theories
Period 6
October 3, 2017
Maiya Rehal
The country of Germany was once known as the most dominating countries of the world. German inhabitants created so many exceptional inventions that are stilled used today. Due to the unfair treatment Germany received during World War II, they soon found themselves falling from power. As a result of this downfall, Germany was in distress and was misled into believing a nefarious dictator, named Adolf Hitler. Hitler strongly believed that his logic of racial mixing was the root of Germany’s fall from greatness. Hitler’s Mein Kampf displays how his ideology of racial mixing is detrimental for a dominating country. Hitler intelligently describes his plan in such a way he makes it seem positive. Cleverly he layered fallacies to manipulate people into thinking he was a hero. He recognizes that Germany’s inhabitants were vulnerable and seeking closure. Thus, Hitler targets Germany’s vulnerability and desire to return to their former glory.
In order to convince the weakened German people, Hitler first has to encourage the Germans to recollect about their former dominance. Hitler expresses how he considers racial crossing to be the weakening variable for Germany’s debacle. As claimed in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, “Everything we admire on this earth today... is only the creative product of a few people and originally perhaps of one race.” Germany is identified as the formerly dominating race, he reminds them that they contributed so many great things to the world. The impact of these connections reinvigorates anger within the German population; therefore, reminding them of their fall from glory and power. At this point he also introduces a common fallacy, Slippery Slope. Cleverly he incorporates the logical fallacy to make the Germans fear racial crossing. He uses this fallacy to further draw in the German’s attention. Thus claiming, “The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness.” Hitler assumes that the German people will fall into turmoil and despair if Germany was to affiliate with other races.
To furthermore the anger that resides in Germans about their fall from greatness, Hitler preaches that racial crossing was the sole reason for the downfall. At this point in time Hitler’s diction becomes more aggressive, as he starts to target the Jews. As seen in Mein Kampf,...

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