Explains Southwest Airlines Positions Itself As A Different Class Of Airline By Having The Most Generous Frequent Flyer Program Of All Major Carriers. How It Uses Luv As A Promotional Tool.

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Southwest has become one of the most successful stories of the air. Southwest has strived to position itself as a different airline in many ways.*Customer Service. They focus on customer relations strongly. In their mission statement, which is available for viewing at: http://www.southwest.com/about_swa/mission.html, states: "The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." (Pg. 1, Para 1)*Rewards. The company also prides themselves on having the most generous frequent flyer program and rewards program available.*Prices. "Southwest Airlines is the nation's leading, and largest, low-fare airline." (Pg. 5, Para 2)*Cabin Service. Southwest provides complimentary coffee, juice, soft drinks and small snacks, all for the comfort of the passengers. They also provide alcoholic beverages for charge.*Special Rates. Southwest provides special fares for seniors, military, infants and toddlers, and groups of ten or more. The company also provides discounted rates which can only be found online at www.southwest.com.*Leg room. The company prides the space available for the passengers comfort. "You see, even though most of our flights are short, your comfort is still the utmost importance to us." (Pg. 10 Para 5)*Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Children. The company has a special program for children through the ages of 5 and 11 traveling alone without an adult.*Passengers with disabilities. Southwest provides special accommodations for those with disabilities, such as wheelchair assistance, allow them to pre-board to select a seat, and allow trained service animals.*Open Seating. Southwest seating policy is "open seating," which helps expedite the boarding process and allow the extra convenience for passengers.Southwest uses the word love as a way to express how they treat and feel towards their customers. Southwest has used "Love" as their main promotional tool since the beginning. In a passage, Southwest Airlines - The "LUV Airline," it explains how Southwest took the name. "In the beginning, Southwest Airlines had no money for advertising so we created a personality that would make us unique in the airline industry ... one that would give us as much free ink as we could generate. A red heart was used as our first logo. Our Flight Attendants, who were outfitted in bright red-orange hot pants and lace-up go-go boots, served "Love Bites" (peanuts) and "Love Potions" (drinks). Tickets were purchased from "Love Machines." Our small fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft was referred to as "Love Jets." Later, our ticker symbol on the New York Exchange became LUV." The passage also goes...

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