Explanations Of The Strange Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle

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A skeptic once argued “trying to find a common cause for every Bermuda Triangle disappearance is no more logical than trying to find a common cause for every automobile accident in Arizona” (“Bermuda Triangle”). Although some theories may be more plausible than others, this is implying that there is not one single explanation of these disappearances. While some researchers propose far-fetched theories, historical events as well as scientific observation and experimentation show many reasonable explanations to the abnormal phenomenon that occurs within the boundaries if the Bermuda Triangle.
Background Information
The Bermuda Triangle is best known for its strange phenomenon and unexplained disappearances. It is located off the west coast of Florida. As stated in the article “Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear” written by Benjamin Radford, a deputy editor of the scientific magazine Skeptical Inquirer, the points of the triangle are located in Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda Island (qtd. in NOAA). The Bermuda Triangle covers roughly 500,000 square miles of the deep Atlantic Ocean (Radford “Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear”). This great span of ocean and its abnormal phenomenon is often credited for the disappearances of boats, planes, and their crewmembers.
The National Ocean Service reveals that the U.S. Board of Geographic Names does not reference the Bermuda Triangle as an official geographic name. In fact, they do not have any files on the Bermuda Triangle (“What is the Bermuda Triangle?”). This fact may raise questions like: is there anything strange about the Bermuda Triangle and does the triangle even exist? Since there are almost always two sides to every story, some skeptics claim that there is nothing unusual about the area and others believe that the triangle is very real and is in fact out of the ordinary.
Most of the boats, planes and people lost in the Bermuda are never found. This raises suspicion for some. Scientists provide trenches and the Gulf Stream to support and explain why they are never found. Some of the deepest trenches in the Bermuda Triangle can reach up to five miles below sea level. Current scuba gear and diving technologies prevent and prohibit humans from being able to explore the deepest areas of the sea floor for the remains of ships and planes. (Ferrell “Rogue Waves and the Bermuda Triangle”)
Flight 19
Flight 19 is one of the most well-known disappearances from the Bermuda Triangle. This historical event caused the idea of the Bermuda Triangle to be created. Vincent Gaddis, a writer for the Argosy magazine, created the term in 1964 when he was writing the cover story about the disappearance of Flight 19. (Mayell “Bermuda Triangle: Behind the Intrigue”)
On a sunny day in December of 1945, four planes carrying fourteen men flew out of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida U.S. Naval Air base (“The Loss Of Flight 19”). This flight occurred before the use of GPS, also known as Global...

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