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Explication 3 Essay

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Explication #3
These days, it is not unusual for the untrained eye to fail to notice the underlying, but powerful context of modern humorists. Although the ideas of average stand-up comedians and satirical writers may seem to be completely redundant and blown out of proportion, a closer look at these perhaps, ‘disregarded,’ voices can reveal the vital function that they play in our society. While some argue that comedians do not have an influential voice in the serious affairs of the world, others, such as Alain de Botton in his book, Status Anxiety, correctly concede that humorists have the unequivocal ability to address weighty issues without consequence, and they therefore serve as a ...view middle of the document...

In addition, this type of “comedy” has a tendency to redundantly bring light to problems that many people wish to forget. As a result, people are quick to classify humorists as having no pivotal role in society, as mere jokers who waste the public’s time with raw, barbaric opinions.
However, others share a more popular opinion that through witty criticism and the courage to speak out, humorists have played a vital part in catalyzing reform and leaving indelible marks on some of the biggest institutions of modern history. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, for example, in which Swift proposed that to help solve the immense amount of poverty in the Irish society, families should sacrifice children as food. While composing a powerful, statistical argument, Swift’s main intentions were to bring light to the starvation and poverty in Ireland, exposing it in such a way that people would ponder ways to resolve the issue. Humor is essential to free speech; without it, many of the world’s biggest problems would go unrecognized as an issue that must be addressed immediately. Maybe...

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