Exploitation Of The Working Class Under Totalitarian Rule In Animal Farm English Final Essay

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A government’s duty is to maintain political order and enforce laws without the use of fear. They achieve this by regulating fair systems that do not take advantage of anyone no matter their class. The citizens under this government rule often feel safe and equal. In an oppressive government, however, this is not the case. There is no limit as to how much the government can control its people through manipulation and mistreatment. The working class are affected the most by the corrupt system because they are the most vulnerable class of citizens in this society. In the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, totalitarianism is achieved by the pigs’ control over the animals through gaining their trust of creating a perfect animal society. Imagery and symbolism are employed in the novel to address the issue of totalitarianism in the political corruption exploited upon the working class in their oppressed state. The animals of the working class are mistreated due to their inferiority to the pigs, and manipulated through the strong military forces; nevertheless, they are unaware of such mistreatments due to the subtle exploitation made to believe that they are protected in a utopian society.

From the beginning of the newly formed farm, the pigs are in a higher position than the other animals because they claim to be the most intelligent animals on the farm. The animals, who represent the working class, earn the same amount of food as the pigs, but as winter approaches and Napoleon, a high-class pig, assumes the position as ruler, the animals’ rations start to decrease significantly, but the pigs’ and dogs’ do not.This practice occurs multiple times as proven by the quote, “Once again, all rations were reduced, except those of the pigs and dogs” (Orwell 43). The animals that are classified as the subordinates accept their meager amount of food and live under their ostensibly fair rule, while the pigs, in the high class, seize large quantities of food covertly mistreating the other animals. By visibly granting reduced food rations the pigs openly demonstrate their superiority to the animals. There was a silent rule on the farm to respect every animal and because of their intelligence and authority, pigs are the most respected animal on the farm. Even on top of all the given respect, Napoleon enforces new rules to show further respect towards pigs. He declares that, “when a pig and any other animal ]meet] on a path, the other animal must stand aside; and also that all pigs, of whatever degree, were to have the privilege of wearing green ribbons on their tails on Sunday.” (Orwell 44). A clear view of classism is shown when Napoleon declares the rule of standing aside for a pig on a path. The animals, because of their inferior position, are required to show their respect for the high-class pigs. The last rule is a visible sign of the pigs’ superiority. The green ribbon is a symbol of the higher, dominant class because, according to Napoleon, the only...

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