Exploiting My Strengths And Strengthening My Weaknesses

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Considering myself as a student in college, I plan on exploiting my strengths and strengthening my weak areas by taking advantage of all the opportunities I will be provided with as for academic activities. I will also showcase my current skills I developed in high school while also learning all the business procedures for my future career in Marketing.
In high school, I discovered my talent in marketing. I was always a socialite. I enjoyed being involved in activities that took place inside the school as well as outside. I was an extreme extrovert. I was involved in any and every cause that had to deal with the advancement for children’s education. I would organize events for the ...view middle of the document...

I showcased my skills, time after time. I also took the time to write and produce my own music as well for myself and other as well. I managed to master the art of media work, any aspect. My long list of work did not stop there, I also had an eye for fashion and clothing style. Having access to sewing machines and fabrics has increased my chances of having the fashion line that I wanted for so long. However, in order to start my fashion line, I had to first, be able to draw up my ideas for clothing and then make my outfits come to life. Unfortunately, this is where my weaknesses come in.
One of my weaknesses is drawing. When I took the time to draft up my drawings, they appeared to be a masterpiece in my eyes. However, in everyone else’s eyes, they thought it was the drawings of a toddler. This created a problem for me. I had a name for my fashion line, a location to hold a fashion show, the fabrics and the sewing machine as well. I just needed to make my vision come to life first. I had to draw at least an outline of what I wanted my outfits to look like, explain the details of the outfit was not enough. My approach to a fashion line was not as easy as I thought it would be but I do plan on having one in the future. In order to have a fashion line, I have to strengthen my drawing skills.
I also have a weakness in math. I am not exactly terrible at math, I simply do not take favor in it and I still do not like math. Unfortunately, in order to work in the field of marketing, I have to strengthen my weakness in math. Math is important when it comes to marketing. There is a long list of expenses I would have to take care of. I have to come up with the right budget for events, office space, travel expenses, advertisement on internet and television, branding for products, manage money to pay employees while also taking care of other expenses.
Another weakness that I have is my “one answer” problem. I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to anything, from projects, essays and test. Unfortunately, it is a weakness when it comes to college, especially. I am always looking for the answer in all situations as if there is one answer, which leads to meeting my deadlines at the last minute. Usually, on tests with multiple questions, there is one answer but the “right answer” method of mine does not apply to everything. In marketing, there will be times where I have to find a solution and times where there is not an answer. I have to strengthen this weakness and grow out of the right answer method.
My greatest weakness of all is my lack of confidence. I have struggled with my confidence in school. I’ve had times where I would complete essays that were given to me as homework and instead of turning them in ahead of time, I end up dwelling over the paper,...

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