Exploration Into Advice, Guidance, Counselling And Effectiveness Of Multidisciplinary Interventions

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This paper will explore the role of advice, guidance and counselling from the perspective of health and social care practice, the importance of reflective practice and effectiveness of interventions with service users and clients.
The contents of this paper will be split into 4 sections; section 1 will discuss the definitions of advice, guidance and counselling, section 2 will explore effectiveness of multidisciplinary interventions, section 3 will critique the concept of reflective practice within a guidance and counselling context and section 4 will explore the career options into advice, guidance and counselling roles.

Definitions: Advice, Guidance and Counselling
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Guidance and counselling is essentially a helpful relationship and the above definitions are related; such a, counselling is the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems, and giving advice is part of this process of resolving service users’ complex issues.
Advice and guidance is revolved around the work very much alike counselling practitioners, but this is essentially giving instructions to service users by giving them a sense of direction with the skills and techniques of leadership to help them overcome their life experiences.
There is a distinctive relationship between these areas for example a counselling practitioner’s role is to give advice about how to deal with their feelings and experiences and guide them on how service users can make actions for positive outcomes in their life.

Ethical Principles for Practitioners
There are however implications when working as an advice and guidance practitioner. Counselling, advice and guidance practitioners must follow ethical working practice and underpinning principles that can challenge practice and implementing interventions.

Alam (2009) defines empathy as the ability to look at service users’ own feelings and point of view, without having to experience their feelings themselves. This is also the most important quality a counsellor could have.
However empathy requires perception using physical communication such as body language and facial expression, and according to Bryant-Jefferies (2006), this simply lets the service user know that they are being listened to by the practitioner, although the practitioner cannot express their own feelings to the service user as this would be unprofessional and inappropriate for practice.

The whole concept of confidentiality is so that clients can feel safe while giving trust to a professional.
Implications for practitioners though is that when confidentiality has to be breached, this may break the trust and relationship between the service user and
This is essentially the protection of service user’s personal data and information that is given out to the practitioner.
However Kennedy (2008) argues the idea that offering to maintain confidentiality is irresponsible as it encourages self-harm and suicidal acts, that’s if the confidentiality is breached, which Roberts and Hilty (2007) suggests and states this consequently results damage in the trusting relationship to the practitioner.

Support for Transition
According to Coulson and Hallam (2011), everyone should experience psychological, and role changes in their lives.
There are especially a number of theories mentioning and linking transitions in children, as suggested by Reid and Fielding (2007) and they state that this is because of the increasing changes in their life for example leaving home and developing into a mature individual. They also add that this is why children often seek advice, guidance and...

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