Exploration Of Clinical And Counseling Psychology

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Clinical and counseling psychology has been one of the potential career field I may be pursuing in the near future. I have been very interested in both but currently unsure which career path is for me. In order to help myself reach definite terms on what is the possible career path I would like to pursue between clinical and counseling psychology, it is of great significance to continue my ongoing knowledge and exploration about the clinical and counseling career field.
I have always been interested on working with people of mental disorders. An uncle of mine and my older brother suffers from schizophrenia. A number of close relative members suffers from depression ranging from severe to mild depression. One of them have attempted suicide three times in the past. There is also history of anxiety disorders in my family. These personal relationship towards people with mental disorders have sparked my interest to work directly with people of mental disorders. Practitioners who work directly with people of mental disorders are typically clinical psychologists. Practitioners in clinical psychology involves “applications of principles, methods, and procedures for understanding, predicting, and alleviating intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social and behavioral maladjustment, disability and discomfort, applied to a wide range of client populations” (Kamer, 2009). This is something I can see myself doing in the future.
Now, my interest with counseling originated fall semester of my junior year when I took a psychology course with Dr. Stelzner. Required for his class was a service learning component. The site I randomly decided to sign up for in order to fulfill that service learning component of the class was the Boys and Girls Club in Saint Cloud. I was paired up with two high school seniors to help them determine what college best suits them. I helped them in all aspects of the college search and application process. At the same time I was there to motivate them and help them keep up with school. My experience there was amazing and it left me wanting to experience a similar setting in the near future. This is why I am currently interning as a guidance counselor. Counseling psychologists typically work in a school setting.
However, clinical and counseling psychology are both very attractive to me in some meaningful way that it is currently influencing me in pursuing one career path or the other. I am not quite sure yet on which path to go for but I am trying to focus...

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