Exploration Of The Economic/Profitable Dimensions Of Illegal Mexican Immigration For U.S. Economy

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The United States government, through its policy of discouraging immigration, has only caused further misery to the immigrants longing to cross the Mexican American border in search of work. The United States has a border patrol whose sole purpose is to stop undocumented immigration across the US/Mexican border; however, this policy has hurt both the U.S. and Mexican economies. The United States government loses economically not only in its funding of the border patrol, but loses large tax revenues which could be generated if the Mexican worker were allowed to work legally rather than covertly. Much is bantered regarding the use of public facilities by the illegal alien; however, it is only our policy of disallowing legal migration which keeps our economy from gaining tax revenues to fund the programs which are already in place. By allowing for legal migration, the United States would be in the position of taxing the migrant worker, who would, in turn, make a decent wage, therefore keeping him from becoming a burden to our already exhausted system of social programs. The U.S. economy sees little profit from an entity which it cannot see; thus, illegal immigrants working and living outside of American society cannot offer any financial gain to this society.On the Mexican side of the border the policing of the border is also a liability to their already struggling economy. The maquiladoras (The maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations. They take advantage of plentiful low-cost Mexican labor, advantageous tariff regulations (lessened somewhat as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement), and close proximity to U.S. markets to produce such items as home appliances and automobiles) might provide the Mexican opportunity to make a slightly better wage than can be found in centralized regions, however, the working and living conditions of these employees are on the most part abominable. Without the stability to form unions, the workers of the maquiladoras are at the mercy of the opportunistic factory owners who exploit their workers with 12 hour workdays, unsafe working conditions and lack of benefits. Although these workers are paid the minimum wage of Mexico, it is not enough to allow the worker to achieve any level of economic independence, thus, the worker remains dependent on the outside entrepreneur who proves time and again that his only concern is profit. On top of all this, Mexico's economy suffers as...

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