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When I was little I never paid much attention to how advertisers used women specifically for housework advertisements. I started to notice how bad it was when I saw a few commercials in a row on different cleaning products and how each had a woman in it having fun cleaning. I know from personal experience that cleaning is not that fun. After thinking about it more, I found that men were almost never put as the one taking care of the kids and pets or cleaning up after them, it was always women. It actually really bothered me on how women were depicted more as a housewife, like they have no other role or responsibility.
I decided to search more and more on different advertisements and articles depicting women being more as a housewife and was able to find a few. One of the articles I found was “TV: Where Men Work And Women Clean.” I found this article when looking at similar searches of other sources I had, and while reading it, I found that it related quite well to my question on how women are depicted more domestically than men.
Soraya Chemaly has a master’s degree for post-graduate studies and has many accomplishments in life along with writing for The Huffington Post, which makes her a reliable source. Chemaly published this article on Role/Reboot to inform people more on how advertisements put women below men for many things like housework and employment. This was posted in February of 2012, at that point in time many advertisements and shows were being made and becoming more and more sexist, most likely causing her to write this article.
In the article “TV: Where Men Work And Women Clean,” Soraya Chemaly starts off by showing her readers how sexist advertisement is everywhere, even if you do not expect it. Chemaly talks about how women are portrayed as unemployed while actual studies show that about 2/3 of women do work outside the home. She discusses how ads almost always show women happy and fit, cleaning the house with nothing else in their life to worry about except for perfection. While women are doing the cleaning, she tells how men just stand there and watch, showing that it is not their job. Chemaly states that many advertisements are “…built on a foundation of stereotypes and caricatures about who does what around the house” (Chemaly, p.1). She gives many examples on how women are showed as neat and tidy while men are lazy and slobs. These ads are showing children that this is life, that this is how women and men should act and be treated. Chemaly says that it is not the people you see on the screen, but are the people right behind it, that are the cause of this. She concludes by telling how most production companies are run by men and very few women, causing these stereotypes to be used and believed easily.
While reading this article I kept thinking of different advertisements that went with her arguments on how women and men are represented in ads. When Chemaly described how...

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