Exploratory Essay: Themes Of Little Shop Of Horrors

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Exploratory Essay
English 1020
Rebecca Maestas
September 11th, 2014
Exploratory Essay
Two days ago in class I was pumped because I was able to talk about themes in the 1986
film adaption of Little Shop of Horrors, but the directors cut adaption of it where they decided to
follow the broadway version and just cut out the happy ending and just let everyone get eaten by
giant plants instead. After researching it I don't know how I was planning to discuss this but hey
let's see where this take us.
I know we have yet to read this, but I'm never going to pass up a chance to talk about
Alan Moore's Watchmen. In this book there is an extremely powerful scene where in jail
Rorschach tells his, for lack of better of words, true origin story(despite he was still Rorschach at
this point). He tells him about this kidnapping where while later in the book when he
investigating he had found the kidnapper has seem to have had already butchered the little girl
and give her remains to the dog. Now Rorschach does some eye for an eye things where he goes
and butchers the dogs, throws them at the returning kidnapper, and locks him up in the house,
and finally sets the house on fire. This scene is important because of what Rorschach has to say
on the matter. He says "It is not God who kills children. Not fate that butchers them or feeds
them to the dogs. It's us. Only us." This is an incredibly deep and powerful thing to say, that fate

doesn't guide our decisions, nor does some high being. Just us. And this coming from a masked
vigilante, especially from Rorschach who doesn't believe murder can be justified (despite his
Babylonian tactics) in any sense, which we see much later in the book when he goes to tell the
world of Veidt's murder of New York for the sakes of a greater good for a greater number, even
when it means destroying the peace that has now been created.
Well what does this have to do with a fun little musical about a man eating plant? First
of all it wasn't fate that made Seymour chop up his fellow man and give it to his human eating
venus fly trap. And secondly after Rorschach's first murder he says "Was reborn then, free to
scrawl own design on this morally blank world". And honestly, isn't that what happens in every
apocalyptic sci fi story ever told? Stuff goes down, people react to it and survive every way they
can, taking every opportunity for a better life they can, and lose somewhere their mortality along
the way? Or equally as commonly someone puts themselves before everything and everything
goes wrong?
Little Shop of Horrors has an anthropocentric theme where it's a story of everyone puts
themselves of everything else. This can of course be argued because Audrey and Seymour
always had each others best interests at heart, just wanting each other to be happy. However
again this is arguable because while Audrey genuinely wanted this, even to the point she
sacrificed herself to the plant on their wedding night, Seymour really only wanted to...

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