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Explore An Aspect Of Primary Education Relating To Your Experience In School And/Or Your Personal Development. How Has Your Thinking And Understan

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This assignment aims to explore an area of primary education relating to my experience within the classroom. It will specifically address the importance of music education on emotional development and how music can be incorporated in other areas of education. Furthermore, this assignment will also discuss how my thinking and understanding of the importance of music education has changed and developed as a result of my experiences so far.

The Department for Education says that; “…It is a requirement that every child in the Early Years Foundation Stage are provided with opportunities to explore music using a variety of songs and instruments…” Before my placement my view and understanding of ...view middle of the document...

To begin with he would sit quietly and would refuse to join in. However, after a couple of weeks he slowly began to join in with the nursery rhymes and play with the instruments, yet he would revert back to his shy introverted self after every music lesson. It seemed that music gave this shy, reserved child an opportunity to open up and express himself in a way that he couldn’t in other activities. Eventually the confidence he gained during our music sessions seemed to filter into other areas of learning and, as a result, he now enjoys various other activities; nevertheless, music is where his confidence emerges the most. Silberg, (2014) suggests that, “music making helps develop children's self-esteem because music is non-judgemental, it inspires creativity, self- expression and curiosity.”

Music and language
The national plan for music education states that, not only does music benefit children’s self-esteem and contribute to a child’s overall development, but music can also; “…Make a powerful contribution to other areas of a child’s education” (pg. 42). Gardner (1993) documented that musical aptitude is the first to emerge in young learners; many young children seem naturally inclined to hum or sing a tune before learning to speak. As a result, Gardner (1993) believes it is beneficial to support and build upon a child’s musical interests which simultaneously supports their literacy development. According to educational researchers, there is substantial evidence to suggest that children acquire vocabulary incidentally by participating in music activities (Krashen1989). Furthermore, music can also help with fluency development, pronunciation, enunciation, and vocabulary (Aquino, 1991). At the nursery, I have observed many children humming to familiar songs and nursery rhymes before being able to speak fluently. For example, during one of our singing / nursery rhyme sessions we sang “Wind the Bobbin Up” to the children. One child seemed to really enjoy the song and the actions which accompanied it; so we sang it on a regular basis. Eventually the child started humming the song and attempted to sing the words “Win a Bobba U”. The child’s pronunciation of the lyrics to wind the bobbin up are getting clearer every week. According to Ransom (2006)”…songs provide models of speech and, through repetition offer plenty of opportunities for children to grasp the natural rhythm of language” (pg. 42).

Music and reading
Phonological awareness is a broad term, referring to a child’s ability to decipher phonemes or focus on single sounds that can be isolated for example; “K” “IH” “D” sounds in the word kid (Konza D 2011). A study conducted by Sima, Anvari, Laurel, Woodside and Levy (2002) regarding phonological awareness, music perception, and early reading skills found that: “…music skills were found to correlate significantly with both phonological awareness and reading development.” Wiggins (2007) believes that music greatly benefits children’s oral...

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