Explore And Explain The Inequality Of The Two Poems "Two Scavengers In A Truck" And "Nothing's Changed"

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I have chosen to write about "Nothing's Changed" and "Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes". In "Nothing's Changed" the inequality is based on black and white people, and "Two Scavengers..." is about the rich and poor division.As the name suggests, Two Scavengers in a truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes is about two people in a garbage truck, and two people in a Mercedes waiting at a red light. Nothing's Changed is about a poor black man in district six, a poor area of South Africa, who is describing the area and his feelings.The main idea focussed on in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem is the rich/poor division in America. Whilst he describes the two classes, he is not judgemental towards either. The poet describes the richer people as "in a hip three-piece linen suit" and "casually coiffed", whereas he describes the poorer of the two as "in red plastic blazers" and "grungy". He is not judgemental in the way he describes the people, he describes both their good and bad things.The theme of Nothing's Changed is the prejudice between black and white people. As in the latter poem there is a division, but one of race not wealth. It shows that even after the slave trade was abolished there still seems to be some sort of discrimination towards black people. The poet shows us very well that he is angry that the whites are treated much better because of their skin colour, and wants it to change.The poem two scavengers... is written in 3rd person compared to the former poem, which is written in 1st person. Because of the viewpoint, Two Scavengers... does not make one feel a part of the poem, but helps one understand the surroundings better than Nothing's Changed. Afrika's poem one the other hand helps us to feel the poets emotions about what has happened, and instead of looking in on others lives like the latter, you can see a small snippet into Afrika's life.The structure of the poem Nothing's Changed is a set stanza of 8 lines in each compared to Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes , which has not got a traditional stanza style. Two Scavengers... also has a layout where all of the words reflect the poem i.e."And both scavengers gazing downas if from a great distance" this helps the reader to visualize the scene.Both poems have a lot of language features, for example in Nothing's Changed, in the first stanza, it gives plants human characteristics. It says "seeding grasses thrustbearded seedsInto trouser cuffs, cans,". Tatamkhulu sets the scene in a way that it seems the weeds are attacking and grabbing him. It describes what district six is like, overgrown weeds, a wasteland.In the second stanza it has a clever use of the word "and". it says"but my feet know,and my hands,and the skin about my bones,and the soft labouring of my lungs,and the hot, white, inward turning,Anger in my eyes." This represents that Afrika's anger is burning all over every part of him and hatred for what he sees. He wants to...

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