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Explore Renaissance Artists As “Disciples Of Nature” That Is People Who Tried To Understand And Recreate The Appearance Of The Real World

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The renaissance was like the air we breathe, it touched every facet of European life, and influenced the spread of education, the arts, from the past Greco Roman culture era to the present renaissance period, and it had enormous impact on Europe. The birthplace of the renaissance era affected European history between, (1300-1600), and the revival of classical humanism spread from its birthplace in Italy throughout Western Europe. Humanism was the belief that people could live without religion, it was amazing for that time, the thought of people pulling away from the dominate religions. In addition, it was the belief that people could live by using their intelligence and reason instead ...view middle of the document...

These arts were also, commemorated to secular and civic achievements, these artistic changes and developments reflected the needs of a culture driven by material prosperity, civic pride, & personal pleasure. One key artistic form that emerged was the self-portrait painting that satisfied the indulgences of the new well to do merchant class . In contrast to the arts, Alberti (1409) an impressive and remarkable multi-talented figure, which was an accomplished mathematician, architect, engineer, musician, & playwright and a self-made man, knew the importance of an education. Hence, he felt by achieving these skills, he summed up the importance of a classical education, and that hard work, were prerequisites for worldly success. Interestingly enough Albertis views of skills, talent, fortitude, ingenuity felt that these qualities would determine ones destiny, and he summed it up in one Italian word “Virtu.” Remarkably, with a flourishing and bourgeoning Italy, the arts became a tangible expression of increased affluence, the riches, the wealth, the privileged helped to cultivate classical humanism. It became a sense of civic pride, this new respect developed for oral and written eloquence, this enhanced the ability of the Renaissance man to speak forcefully, expressively, and persuasively, which developed values that sustained the ambitions of the new rising merchant class. The artists now had been elevated into a new status, and became more important and prominent in their culture, they no longer viewed as craftsperson, the artists were now regarded, as a hero, or as geniuses with that prestige, they now were revered and celebrated for their talents, and power of invention. Some of the most amazing, and greatest artists and works of art developed such as, Ghiberti creates the “Gates of Paradise” (1425-1442). Brunelleschi completes” The Dome of “Florence Cathedral” (1436). Leonardo paints the ‘The Last Supper” (1495-1498). Michelangelo completes “The Sistine Chapel Ceiling” (1512) Vasari publishes, the lives of most of the excellent painters of the renaissance. In addition, the renaissance artists were disciples, learners, believers, and devotees of nature. They brought scientific curiosity to the study of the natural world, and worked to understand its operations. There were so many advancements in the science and technology of the early “1400”, such as, Alberti’s use of mathematics for obtaining graphic perspective, or in “1421” Brunelleschi receives the first patent, or monopoly for an invention ( in a product related to shipping marble). The achievements and wonders continued throughout the era.
In conclusion, it was the philosophy of Alberti, and Castiglione, both, with their similar views of a self-made man, or well-rounded person that caught my interest. Castiglione ideal of the well-rounded Renaissance man included the mastering of skills of a medieval warrior, and that he should display the physical proficiency of a...

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