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Explore Some Possible Ways Society, Government And The Individual Can Help To Alleviate Conditions Of Poverty

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Poverty is often thought off as the lack of wealth or even the absence of it by this school of thought as one looks at how Poverty can be alleviated. The question is how prosperity can be increased, at the various levels of society from the singular individual to the collective of individuals that form governments. The war on poverty should not just be directed at bringing people out of poverty rather it should seek to change the normal condition of human beings. Attacking the roots of the issue is the only way a chronic condition that poverty has become can be stamped out.
On the governmental level, leaders of nations must be steadfast in their efforts to alleviate poverty. It is imperative that those in power must have the moral courage to remain committed to the war on poverty. They must be unwavering in their stance and must not bend to public pressure. A unified and active government is key to ensuring welfare ...view middle of the document...

These centres are vital to combating poverty in the field; therefore their capability and capacity to dispatch aid to any one that requires in it should be expanded upon. Immediate assistance should be provided; a person suffering in poverty should not be made to degrade themselves by visiting countless government offices with only the hope of eventual aid spurring them on.
Society as a whole should refrain from adding to the emotional plight of those in poverty. People are often prone to the impression that poverty is the lack of material comforts and the lack fulfilment of physical needs. The emotional aspect of poverty rests on the side-lines however that makes it no less real of an issue and condition of poverty. Society should maintain the same friendliness and warmness when interacting we those who are less fortunate than one’s on intimate circle of friends. Always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter how one might perceive the other. This allows those in poverty the comfort of a physiologically healthy environment and preserves their self-worth.
The individual should always be willing to be inclusive of his fellow man, never ostracizing anyone simply because he is less affluent than oneself. Wealth is in no way a measure of a person’s character or his ability. Thus being accepting of others of different backgrounds is a simple but valued gesture that seeks to build a cohesive society and allow the less fortunate the ability to pursue their own goals without having their physiological armour being chipped away by those who are not sensitive to the plight of others.
The war on poverty has been a long drawn out one whoever humanity has made great strides. We have curtailed the growth of extreme poverty and expanded upon efforts to reach out to the impoverished in every corner of the globe. Many battles have been won against the underlying aspects of poverty such as disease. However no war is won without a dedicated and organised push to victory. A prosperous and poverty free world is within our grasp it’s just a measure of realizing this vision for the future.

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