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Explore The Factors That Influence Organizations Towards 'work Life Policies'

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Throughout the years, the role of work has faced significant changes. These changes might be because that we are living in a period of time whereby business environment is expanding and becoming globally competitive. Because of that people have to respond to that expansion and tried to dedicate their life and job so to cope up with these changes. Many people might have accepted the life shift whether working aboard or many businesses travels as they become addicted to work (workaholic) while others have faced difficulties in accepting these changes or challenges and suffered to manager between his personal life and work. Surely, no one can argue about this challenge as the more time people spend on their job, the less time they have to spend for their families and that for sure might have caused many personal and family challenges. Not to mention other problems such as low morale, frustration and difficulties in trying to balance between job and life needs. Many counties around the globe have faced this challenge or phenomenon as it has a very strong effective impact on the many people life. Because of that, some counties like E.U and UK had developed a job policy to encourage better work life balance for their people. As well as, to allow employers of having a long way to go to invest in their employees and a level of flexibility that is available to all company employees'' .Work life balance is basically about adjusting properly the time between work and personal life. It is also about giving the employees an opportunity to maintain a good life balance and achieving carriers' objectives. According to the Michael Shum Director of Global Diversity of workforce (cited from Lockwook, 2003), he stated that business is better when personal life is good. His survey on IBM co has showed that by implementing work and life balance policy for IBM employees, the company achieved $50 million global work'/life funds and return on investment exceeded $50 millions as well.It is to know that that work/life balance policies does not merely reflect the physical boundaries between people jobs and their personal lives. Ezzedeen study, (2002) can emphasize this point as his study has showed the importance of work/life balance because people are often preoccupied with work even when they are not working and the necessity of work/life balance is vital to achieve higher job satisfaction, resolve conflicts and reduce burnout. Lockwood (2003, p23) also agrees that work/life policy does encourage employee to look at their personal lives, families as a whole, assess their business relationships emotionally and physically as well as improve their financial situation.Other benefits might result from implementing good work and life balance is the creation of flexibility which will certainly enable to improve employees' life in managing between their personal lives and work. For sure, setting this flexibility is important to people life and job performance as according to...

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