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The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a “multilateral partnership” (GPE, 2014a, para. 2) that is made up of non-governmental organizations, private donors, teachers, international organizations and donor governments in order to aid the nearly sixty participating, developing nations in the implementation of sound educational policy and programming. Through the sharing of curricular guidelines and effective instructional strategies, GPE promotes increased discussion concerning education among the developing nations participating in this partnership. The objectives for GPE are as follows:
• Supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states
• Promoting girls education
• Increasing basic numeracy and literacy skills in primary school
• Improving teacher effectiveness through training and recruitment
• Expanding funding and support for GPE nations
(GPE, 2014a, para. 7).

Partners, Key Stakeholders, Funding and Support
GPE is dedicated to the empowerment of the developing nations that are members of the partnership. GPE has stated that education policies and programs can only be successful when they are part of a nation’s priorities and in line with the values of the cultures of those who live within the nation. GPE has chosen to represent developing nations on its Board of Directors, dedicating six of the nineteen board seats to developing nations and these members help GPE to offer technical and financial support to developing countries. The result is a partnership in which countries work to develop their own quality educational programs through the assessment of their education priorities. GPE asks participating developing nations to consider the best ways that these counties can invest in the future of children and collaborates with these nations to “develop specific education programs and identify key issues to be monitored to achieve education results” (GPE, 2014b, para. 10).
Within each country, GPE works with Civil Society Organizations (CSO) who act as
education advocates and ensure that each country is allocated enough financial resources to
achieve education goals and to advocate within the governing bodies within the nation for
sufficient resources and funding from national budgets (GPE, 2014c). The CSOs are also
represented on the Board of Directors with three seats as well as an additional seat on the
Financial Advisory Committee. GPE has even increased support to CSOs through the creation of the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) which allocates funding for the development and implementation of education programs and strategies.
Organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank are essential partners in
GPE. These organizations are considered “multilateral organizations” (GPE, 2014d, para.1)
because of their interaction with partner developing nations. Multilateral organizations use their extensive research base to offer expert advice as to how to “build consensus in the development and implementation...

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