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Explore The Different Types Of Leadership Golding And Garland Present

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Explore the different types of leadership Golding and Garland present
in Lord of the Flies and The Beach.

In Lord of the Flies and The Beach many leadership qualities are
shown. These qualities are shown in different ways for example one
leader is elected by democracy, another is self-appointed and lastly
there is the destructive leader. Lord of the Flies was written in
1954. A time when commercialisation was not an issue and media hype
only had subtle effects of society. The Beach was written in 1996,
American globalisation has begun and the media played a massive part
in society. I will look at how the different time may affect the way
in which a leader reacts.

The most obvious resemblance between the novels is the setting and the
isolation of the islands yet there is a differentiation in that the
boys in Lord of the Flies are stranded and are forced to try and
survive where they don’t really want to be. The Characters in The
Beach have chosen to be isolated in such surroundings and don’t want
to leave. For them it is not a matter of survival. In both novels the
leadership and order of their close-knit communities is similar, the
way both societies morals decline and the introduction of violent
behaviour is the start of their destruction. Although they bare
resemblance they are very different. I will look at how the leaders
affect this.

Firstly I will look at what makes a good leader, I will then look at
each character in turn and establish the different types of leadership
Golding and Garland present in Lord of the Flies and The Beach. What
makes a good leader? It has been said that some are born with the
right qualities and some develop them. Whether nature or nurture a
good leader should always consider everyone and treat people as

In the first chapter of Lord of the Flies a group of English boys
discover an uninhabited tropical island, after their plane crashed,
which killed all the adults on board. The first character the reader
meets is Ralph, who Golding describes as the tall boy with "fair
hair," and then Piggy, said by Golding to be a short and "very fat"
child, hence the name. Ralph’s leadership qualities are shown straight
away as he manages to stay perfectly calm but almost excited with the
prospect of being free of adults and on his own in this strange
island. As Piggy is franticly trying to reassure himself that not
everyone died in the crash, Ralph tried to be “not too obviously
uninterested” as Golding describes it. Staying calm in tough
situations is a good skill as it means bad ideas wont be made in

Ralph unlike Sal was elected leader through a vote. Sal being the
founder of the beach along with Bugs meant that they appointed
themselves as leaders. Even though the entire choir voted for Jack,
Ralph is the most popular. Being liked is an advantageous attribute to
have as a leader. It means Ralph can give constructive feedback and
reward and recognise...

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