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Explore The Relationship Between Political Liberalism And The Concept Of ‘Freedom Of Press’. Critically Evaluate How It Is Applied Both In The Pri

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“Liberalism is an ideology based on the commitment to individualism, freedom, toleration and consent”. There are two types of liberalism; classical liberalism and modern liberalism. Classical liberalism is an extreme form of individualism. People are seen as egotistical and self-reliant. Classical liberalists are proprietors of themselves and their abilities who believe they own nothing to society or others. This suggests that there is an unconcerned outlook towards state intervention. Classical liberalists believe that the government are evil and limit the freedom and responsibilities of individuals. This idea has formed the view of the ‘night-watchman’ whose role is the protection of ...view middle of the document...

The government have no power to punish anyone who may express their opinion about political issues regardless of the truthfulness of the opinions (Cornwell 2004). Publications that are released are a mixture of truth blended with falsehood. The truth cannot be discovered without the expression of all information whether the information is true or false or even both (Cornwell 2004). The presence of free press is one of the key features of democratic governance. The mass media promotes democracy in four ways. The first way is by encouraging public debates and political engagement. The second way is by watching the government and seeing who is abusing their power. The third way is by restructuring power and political influence and the fourth way is by providing a system which democracy can operate through (Heywood 2007).
People who are more independent and have deliberated views are more likely to be seen as politically engaged. The mass media is a form of political education. The mass media offer the public an opportunity to watch politicians in such things like interviews and televised debates. Mass media also supplies a forum for a much wider range of opinions through phone in radio programmes, forums and internet blogs. The mass media not only widens the range of opinions expressed in political debates but also provide a way for the general public to express their opinions and debate about political issues (Heywood 2007). The idea of watching for the abuse of power is to ensure that public responsibility takes place by scrutinizing the government’s activities and exposing abuses of power. If public responsibility is left solely up to politicians, those who expose the wrongdoings of the government are only doing so for personal gain. Media professionals are outside the role of politics and have no problem in exposing incompetence or corruption. The media can only expose wrongdoings if they independent and not controlled by the government. The publicly financed media is required to be independently commissioned...

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