Explore The Significance Of 'king Lear' For A Contemporary Audience. Use Quotes And Specific References To Support Your Position.

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'King Lear' by Shakespeare is still being read and analysed by countless numbers around the world after decades it was actually written. Such a feat already portrays its quality and significance as a text to today's contemporary audience. One of the major reasons it has attained such a position in society is its ability to be interpreted in limitless ways. Many interpretations have been considered and made reflecting how it is applicable to basically any sort of context or society.A common interpretation of the play is the exploration of power and authority and how it can be used and abused. Many believe this play conveys such an issue and how it can affect such relevant aspects of life such as family. The play is based around a royal family indicating that the characters within the play are composed of great power. The events that take place demonstrate the effects of what can happen when power is abused. Lear dividing his land between Regan and Goneril before disowning Cordelia is such an event. Kent is the character who seems to see that such an action was an unwise decision."Be Kent unmannerly / When Lear is mad. What wouldst though do, old man? / Think'st thou that duty shall have dread to speak / When power to flattery bows? To plainness honor's / bound" (I.i.143-147)In such a setting, Kent speaking out in such a way would have been considered very inappropriate illustrating the extent of the error made and foreshadowing the negative consequences to come. The storm that enrages after Lear is...

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704 words - 3 pages prose, a form often reserved for the lower class. This was a hint to the audience that he was in fact sinking into madness.In conclusion, not every text has its use-by date. This is especially the fact with "King Lear". With new variables, the problems amongst society change and our values are forced to adapt. With each new adaptation of morals and values comes a new understanding of "King Lear", debates such as Good vs. Evil will never cease to exist. "King Lear" has proven itself that it can stand the test of time with it's abundance in universal themes and flexibility of production.

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