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Explore The Character Of Rita And How She Changes Throughout The Play.

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In this essay I am going to explore the character of Rita and how she changes throughout the play, and how this effects her relationship with Frank. To do this I shall look at three different scenes act 1 scene 1, act 2 scene2 and act 2 scene 7, to give a contrast in the relationship and behaviour of Rita and Frank. Rita's character changes immensely throughout the play as she journeys to find the real Rita. To show this I shall be concerned with her behaviour, her appearance, her speech and her movements.In act 1 scene 1 the relationship between Rita and Frank is not yet established. The first impressions the audience gets of Frank is that he is quite satirical, a drunkard, although of a high intelligence and quite laid back 'But darling, you shouldn't have prepared dinner should you? Because I said, I distinctly remember saying that I would be late...Yes. Yes, I probably will go to the pub afterwards.'. Rita on the other hand bursts into the room seeming very inquisitive, and makes comments about everything she notices 'That's a nice picture, isn't it?'. She is very blunt and quite crude, and expects Frank to take offence to this, as he is from a different class 'RITA...Y' don't mind me swearin', do y'? FRANK Not at all. RITA Do you swear? FRANK Never stop.'. Frank seems quite astounded by her, she seems to interest him as he would not come across such a spirit amongst hi group of friends. Rita is quite pessimistic about her ability and doubts herself about what she can achieve 'If I pack the course in I'll post it to y'.'. This is also shown when every time she makes a statement, she says 'isn't it?' or 'don't they' as if she is unsure of what she says is correct ' This was the pornography of its day, wasn't it? It's sort of like Men Only, isn't it?' . She is very aware of class and culture, whereas Frank is not 'See the educated classes know it's only words, don't they? It's only the masses who don't understand.'. As a director I would have the stage set up as such; the window in the centre back of the stage, this is because the window is a very important part of the play as it represents society and the outside world. Franks desk would be located to the back left of the stage, a big bookcase to the back/middle right and the door to the front right. The bookcase is also an important part as it represents knowledge and learning. Frank's desk and the chair in which Rita sits is also important as it symbolises an area where Rita feels comfortable and at ease; this will show particularly in the latter part of the play. The door is also a very important part of the play. It symbolises Rita's personality, by the way it is opened and also her approach to education. In this scene I would have Rita dressed in bright outlandish clothing, maybe white patent leather sandals, a short denim mini skirt and a bright pink tank top. Her hair would be bleached blonde, she would wear a lot of bright make-up and would carry a white patent leather handbag,...

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