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Explore The Way Marriage Is Portrayed In 'pilate's Wife' And How It Is Presented In Other Poems In The World's Wife

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Carol Ann Duffy's,“Pilates Wife” raises important moral issues on the institution of marriage, the most important issue is of how love and desire can fade in marriage. Pilate's wife no longer desires Pilate and this can be seen in many other Poems in “The World Wife”.

Duffy uses a lot of imagery in this poem and the most important imagery is to do with hands ,“Firstly, his hands a woman's, softer than mine”. Duffy uses the softness of a woman’s hand as an insult to Pilate, she is not just offending Pilate's hands, but his personality and giving the impression that Pilate does no work. Duffy uses long vowels in the portrayal of his hands,“Pearly nails”,“Camp”,“Pale” to ...view middle of the document...

The use of enjambment at the end of the second stanza leading into the third stanza revels how quickly it happened and how confused Pilate's wife is when she meets Jesus, “looked up, and there he was”. Duffy goes on to describe jesus's face, “Ugly,Talented” the use of the adjectives shows that he was something else, something that she has been longing for and this shows that her marriage is dull, unexciting and tedious, it has lost its excitement and know she is longing for the thrill and excitement she use to have.

Duffy goes on to describe the difference between Jesus and Pilate by again, using the imagery of hands, she describes Jesus's hands as “brown” and “tough palms” which presents him as having workers hands,tough and suntanned. She describes Pilate's hands as “useless”and “perfumed”, Duffy does this to show how Pilate's wife is feeling about both men, she feels that her husband is useless and Duffy shows that her husband has never really given her the attention she needed, “Pilate saw me, looked away” he is dismissive and ignores her.

As with many of the other poems in...

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