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Explore The Ways In Which Shakespeare Presents The Relationship Between Olivia And Malvolio In Twelfth Night And Compare It With How Bronte Prese

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From the first moment Shakespeare introduces the audience to Malvolio we find out about Malvolio’s relationship with Olivia. Immediately Olivia asks Malvolio for his support ‘What thinks you of this fool Malvolio’. Shakespeare establishes that Olivia shows trust in Malvolio through the way she expects Malvolio to take her side. Even though Shakespeare might have expected his audience to hear that line and refer it to Malvolio being Olivia’s steward, so it was his job. Also this relates to the start of Malvolio’s and Olivia’s developing relationship.
Shakespeare implies that the character Olivia thinks Malvolio is self-centered ‘O you we sick of self-love Malvolio’. Shakespeare makes it ...view middle of the document...

However, on the other hands her status ‘in mourning’ for her late brother, some would perhaps accept that this senior servant is doing what is expected of him.
When the character Olivia starts questioning Malvolio Shakespeare insinuates that Malvolio doesn't understand the character Olivia's questioning unless she wants to speak to this messenger. ‘Of very ill manner', is how Malvolio starts answering the questions vaguely which suggests that Malvolio is jealous of questioning. When Shakespeare introduces this new character Cersario to Olivia, Shakespeare suggests that Olivia shows interest with this new messenger Cersario. Shakespeare shows that Olivia has no affection towards Malvolio. A Shakespearian audience would be more familiar if Olivia didn't have any feelings of affection towards Malvolio compared with if she did. Since Olivia the mistresses of the house she has a different social class than Malvolio. With Malvolio being Olivia steward they don't have an equal status and if Shakespeare decided to create a romantic relationship between Malvolio and Olivia it would be unjust because of the social difference in society.
‘Even so quickly may one catch the plague?’ This shows that the character Olivia doesn’t feel any affection towards Malvolio. Shakespeare audience would be familiar to this type of behaviour compared with if Shakespeare decided that Olivia was to love Malvolio. Since Olivia is in ‘mourning’, Malvolio should respect his mistress privacy at the moment of time. However Olivia’s actions to Malvolio show kindness.

The character Malvolio shows again that he thinks he is the one for Olivia. ‘You might have saved me my pains to have taken it away yourself.’ Shakespeare is self-centred which links back to the reason why he wants to marry Olivia not for love but for power and wealth also Shakespeare though Olivia gives Malvolio control over who Olivia sees with some exceptions.
Malvolio and Olivia both want their business relationship to go further. The character Malvolio dream of being ‘three month’s married to her … sitting in my state’. Shakespeare very cleverly using the garden scene to explain to his audience what Malvolio wants a relationship with Olivia. This quote shows that Malvolio wants to be in a marriage relationship with Olivia however he really wants to get the power from Olivia by using ‘sitting in my state’. This shows that Malvolio wants power as well as love.
After Malvolio receives the letter, Malvolio acts more unprofessionally when he responds to Olivia with ‘To bed? Ay, sweetheart and I’ll come to thee’. Shakespeare shows that Malvolio has changed to more a sexually relationship. Since Malvolio is a steward of Olivia to Shakespeare audience this would have been seen as outrageous since Olivia he is superior. Also carries on being unprofessional when Malvolio says ‘I will smile, I will do everything that thou will have me’. Shakespeare suggests that Malvolio thinks that he and Olivia is in a romantic...

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