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Driven by fear and strengthened by instinct, Sanger Rainsford fights valiantly, in Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," to best General Zaroff at his own game. Although rather undeveloped, the characters in the story still give the reader something to connect to. The theme, although presented in a unique fashion, depicts yet another reiteration of the epic struggle between good and evil. Regardless of the few twists and turns, Connell's use of plot manipulation still leaves room for a great deal of excitement in the story. By first examining and then combining Connell's use of plot, characters, and theme, one can see the obvious escapism in "The Most Dangerous Game."Aside from the beginning, ...view middle of the document...

Due to the short length of the text, the characters of Zaroff and Rainsford seem rather undeveloped. Zaroff portrays the cold, methodical, and ruthless hunter; his decision to prolong the game each day does not fit with this. Rainsford begins the story with a mind set that follows closely to that of Zaroff, but by the end, his point of view has taken a complete reversal. Although extenuating circumstances easily explain Rainsford's change in disposition, Zaroff's do not seem to have a logical explanation. Although Connell's characters engage the reader they point to a main focus other than themselves.2Due to the story's short length, one can easily understand the theme. However, events in the story lead one to ponder their possibility. The theme centers on the cruelty and insensitivity that often dominates some facets of man's misdemeanor. Zaroff's cold blooded killing, for sport, of his fellow man, clearly demonstrates this. The change in Rainsford's terror to murderous resolve also gives light to this. Regardless of its simplicity, the theme offers a profound view into the darker side of man's soul.First through the examination and then through the careful combination of plot, characters, and theme, Connell creates a masterpiece of escapism. Though lacking serious plot manipulation, the story grips the reader still. The lack of character development points to a conflict depicted through the characters rather then embodied by them. Although simple, the theme of "The Most Dangerous Game" gives the reader some insight into man's more sinister side. It has been said that murder is not really all that difficult; storytellers and historians alike have proven this over and over again.

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850 words - 3 pages . There he became the editor of the camps newspaper. In 1919 he got married with Louise Fox. After that his career started to take off, he started to write short stories. He won two O. Henry Memorial Prizes and his story "The Most Dangerous Game" is considered one of the best short stories of all time. After his successful story writing carrier he began to write screen plays. He was nominated for two Academy Awards but never won one. He affected

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