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Exploring American Culture´S Dark Spot Essay

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Exploring American culture's dark spot
Educational expectations may create academic dishonesty incentive

Jay Z, Jay Gatsby, and Al Capone all reside in the same weak place in the hearts of Americans. These three men represent our nation’s twisted admiration for masterful cheaters.

Americans are intrigued by these men, seduced by their risk-taking and their subsequent success and fame.

The majority of society is not made up of criminals, gamblers, or drug-dealers. But cheating is prominent on a smaller scale, in more realistic acts.

Recently, educational cheating scandals seem to be gripping the nation, or at least the media.

One explanation for recently publicized ...view middle of the document...

To improve scores, these educators provided answers to students before administering the tests.

In some schools, teachers and administrators met in conference rooms to changed wrong answers on their students’ standardized tests.

200 educators from 40 schools were involved in a cheating scandal in Atlanta. At one school, educators had weekend pizza parties to correct wrong answers on test documents together. As a result, the school's scores increased 45 percent.

"We were told to get these scores by any means necessary. We were told our jobs were on the line," said Sidnye Fells, a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta to ABC news.

In 2004, educators encouraged 500 high school students in Alabama to drop out before the test to increase the school’s score.

Some public school activists attribute teachers’ cheating scandals to the high expectations of standardized tests. Across the country, educators and parents have participated in protests against heavy reliance on standardized test scores in deciding a teacher or school’s success.


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